Color4Nails Presents A England, Contrary Polish & Cupcake Polish Duos Swatches & Review

Hello all!  Today I have 3 different duos from 3 different brands squished into one post!  These gorgeous duos were provided to me by Color4Nails, a stockist that sells polishes and ships them domestically and internationally.  The three brands I’m sharing today are all sold by Color4Nails!  Let’s take a look at these pretty polishes!

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HēHē Plates: Florals & Plaids Collection Review

Hi guys!  I have a super exciting post to share with you today!  Some stamping plates from HēHē!  HēHē is a Chinese brand created by a very talented artist.  Every plate I’ve seen from them (namely on Very Emily’s blog) has been seriously gorgeous and unique.  The majestic, darling looking plates she produces are awe-inspiring.  Naturally, I was excited to try the newest ones called the Florals & Plaids Colletion.  Take a look at the manis I created using this collection and make sure the stay tuned until the end of the post where I’ll give you my final thoughts on these plate!


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CrowsToes: Valentine’s Day 2016 My Homicidal Valentine Trio Swatches & Review

Hi folks!  Today I have a darkly beautiful trio from CrowsToes to share with you!  You may have noticed from CrowsToes past Valentine’s Collections that they aren’t huge fans of Valentine’s day.  Although they aren’t falling head over heels for heart day, they do make awesome themed polishes nonetheless!  Check these out!

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