Zoya: Summer 2015 Island Fun & Paradise Sun Collections Swatches & Review

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Happy Friday!  I’m back down to nubby nails for now.  As much as I love having my nails a bit longer, I’ve been so annoyed with them being on the “long” side lately, so I cut them all down to stubs!  I’ve been really hard on my hands this Spring and probably will be this Summer so I just had to do it to avoid bad breaks and general gnarly-ness.  I have to admit, it’s super refreshing to do that but not always ideal for blogging. :P

Today I have Zoya’s Summer collections to show you!

Paradise Sun Collection

“Oceane” is a metallic cerulean with matching shimmer and silver flecks.  This is breathtaking.  The color, the formula.  Everything.  2 coats.

Zoya Oceane | Summer 2015 Paradise Sun Collection | Peachy Polish Continue reading

Bear Pawlish: Peek-A-Boo, Envious, Bowties Are Cool & Maleficent Swatches & Review

Hey guys!  Do you remember my Best of 2014 event from a few months back?  If so, you’ll remember that Bear Pawlish swooped in and dominated many of the top spots in many of the categories.  I was so intrigued because although I’d vaguely heard of the brand, I had never tried any for myself.  I’d either been missing out on a hidden gem of a brand that everyone seemed to know but me or someone rigged the voting.  I figured it to be the former and decided I needed to try some out immediately.  I promptly ordered the polishes I’m showing you today.  Did they live up to the hype?  Let’s see!

“Peek-A-Boo” is a bright-almost-neon Barbie pink with a subtle but linear holographic effect.  Great formula.  Applies like a dream.  2 coats.

Bear Pawlish Peek-A-Boo | Peachy Polish Bear Pawlish Peek-A-Boo | Peachy Polish Continue reading

HARE polish: Femme Fatale Exclusive Polishes Swatches & Review

Hello ladies and gents!  Today I have a couple of polishes from HARE polish that are exclusive to Femme Fatale’s shop!  You’re going to want to see both of them so make sure you read until the end!

“Kraken Vacations On Kangaroo Island” has a warm-toned hot purple jelly base with black and iridescent blue glitter and shimmer.  WHUTTTT.  Heyyyyy Miss HARE… if you are reading this, we are gonna need approximately a million more like it in different colors!  KTHXBAI!  Another favorite HARE to add to my ever-growing list.  3 thin coats.

HARE polish Kraken Vacations On Kangaroo Island | Peachy Polish HARE polish Kraken Vacations On Kangaroo Island | Peachy Polish Continue reading

Lynnderella Mondays!: Hollo There, Green Gumdrop!, All About You, Aries, As Above, So Holo & more Swatches & Review

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Hi y’all!  I hope you had a great weekend!  Today I have some gorgeous Lynns to show you, of course. :)

“Hollo There, Green Gumdrop!” has holographic kelly green and gold microglitter with matching glitter circles in a clear base.  Gorgeous!  This will be perfect for Christmas and St. Patty’s Day and just anytime!  :)  2 coats.

Lynnderella Hollo There, Green Gumdrop! | Peachy Polish Lynnderella Hollo There, Green Gumdrop! | Peachy Polish Continue reading

HARE polish: Lost On Abalone Shores Swatches & Review

Provided For Review

Hola amigos!  I have the latest polish from HARE that is part of Llarowe’s A Box, Indied to show you!  If you’ve never heard of A Box, Indied, it’s a monthly subscription box curated by Llarowe.  The polishes in each months box are exclusive to that box and not available in any other capacity.  The boxes are also limited so once they are gone, they are gone for good!  Head over to Llarowe’s website to find more information!

“Lost On Abalone Shores” has a murky green-toned gray jelly base with lots of sparkly gold and pink shimmer and color-shifting flakes that shift from navy to cyan to lime green to emerald.  I absolutely love HARE polish’s take on the multichrome flakie trend.  I think they continue to do the most unique and clever polishes with them.  This one is incredible in person and pictures aren’t really doing the beauty justice!  3 thin coats.

HARE polish Lost On Abalone Shores | Peachy Polish HARE polish Lost On Abalone Shores | Peachy Polish

“Lost On Abalone Shores” will be available exclusively in the June A Box, Indied and will not be available for purchase separately, as previously mentioned.  You can purchase the June box in Llarowe’s shop on May 26th!  Make sure you follow Llarowe on Facebook for more information on this box as well as other boxes that are released in the future. And of course, follow the awesome HARE polish on Facebook and Instagram!

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Cirque Colors: Summer 2015 Juicy Collection Swatches & Review

Happy Friday!  I can’t wait for this day to be over because tomorrow I’m throwing a Walking Dead themed party!  I can’t wait!  We’ll all be dressed up as characters from the show or walkers!  I’ve been looking forward to this for months now!  YAY!  I’ll probably be posting photos on my Instagram so if you want to see who I’m dressing up as, follow me there!

To get you pumped up for this weekend and for Summer, I have some striking polishes from Cirque for you today!

“Limoncello” is an insane linear holographic golden lemon yellow with a metallic finish.  I think this is the best holographic yellow I have ever witnessed!  Amazing.  There is a bit of VNL with 2 coats but that’s what I did here.

Cirque Colors Limoncello | Summer 2015 Juicy Collection | Peachy Polish Cirque Colors Limoncello | Summer 2015 Juicy Collection | Peachy Polish Continue reading

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