Colors By Llarowe: Fall 2015 Collection Swatches & Review

Happy friday folks!  I’m kicking off the long Labor Day weekend with a rainbow-filled menagerie from Colors By Llarowe!  I’ll give you a quick run down of the 10 shades and give a little summary at the end.

“Last Harvest” is a luscious emerald green linear holo.  2 coats.

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OPI: Fall 2015 Venice Collection Comparisons

Some Products Provided For Review

Hi guys!  This post is long enough as is, so I’m not going to bore you with an introduction… time to go dupe-hunting!

From pointer to pinkie: 2 coats of NCLA “Downtown Dollface”, 3 coats of OPI “I Cannoli Wear OPI”, 2 coats of Nubar “Choirgirl” and 3 coats of Deborah Lippmann “Misty Morning”.  DD is identical to ICWO and quite frankly, DD has a better formula.  Choirgirl is also an identical color but it has a crelly formulation (which I prefer for lighter colors like this) and again, has a better formula than ICWO.  MM is similar in color but not identical and the finish is entirely different since it’s a sheer and ICWO is a creme.

OPI I Cannoli Wear OPI Comparison | Fall 2015 Venice Collection | Peachy Polish


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OPI: Fall 2015 Venice Collection Swatches & Review

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Ciao miei amori!  Supposedly that means “hello my loves!” in Italian (accoring to Google Translate) which I thought was a fitting greeting for today’s post.  I have OPI’s Venice Collection to show you!

Make sure to come back tomorrow as well.  I know how much you guys like comparison posts and I will have comparisons of this collection posted for you!  I know I don’t get the opportunity to post comparisons often but I try to do them for OPI polishes at least since that’s what is most often requested!

For now, check out the latest OPI pretties!

“I Cannoli Wear OPI” is a super pale gray creme.  Decent formula but not the best.  It evens out well in 3 coats but is slightly streaky in 2.  I did 3 here.

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KBShimmer: Fall 2015 Collection Swatches & Review + Mani Shots & Water Decal Review

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Hello hello!  It’s September 1st and you know what that means?  NEW KBSHIMMER COLLECTION!  They always knock it out of the park and I always get so excited to see what they come up with next.  Not only do I have the collection to review but I also have a review of KBShimmer’s Mani Shots and water decals!  Let’s get right to it!

“Carpe Denim” has a deep navy jelly base that’s super dark but not too dark that it appears black and it’s packed with holographic silver glitter and shimmer.  OMG you guys.  O. M. G.  Words can’t express the love I feel for this.  It’s perfect.  It’s not sheer but still shows off the glitter perfectly!  I have it on now and I’m never taking it off.  2 luscious coats!

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Lynnderella Mondays!: A Cardinal Rule, Blue As Blue Can Be, That Kind Of September, Try To September…, Summer Wine & The Glittering Crowd Swatches & Review

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Happy Monday y’all!  Let’s get right to these pretty Lynns!

“A Cardinal Rule” has metallic and holographic red microglitter with blue, gold, pink, red, turquoise, sky blue and silver holographic glitter bits in a clear base.  The shade of red is the perfect color to represent a cardinal’s feathers and the added glitter pieces is perfect.  2 coats.

Lynnderella A Cardinal Rule | Peachy Polish Lynnderella A Cardinal Rule | Peachy Polish Continue reading

Gradient All The Nails

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Hi guys!  Today I’m excited and proud to be a part of my first link-up!  I’m in a group called Paint All The Nails! on Facebook which is intended to increase engagement on the blogs that belong to the members; and let me just say, the caliber of nail bloggers in the group is superb.  I feel so lucky to be included with such a coterie of talented people.


We are going to try and do link-ups each month, each with a different theme.  I’m excited to not only be included in this little adventure but to be able to work on more nail art.  Nail art tends to fall by the wayside here at Peachy Polish because the swatches seem to always reign supreme, but I’d like to incorporate different forms of nail beauty onto the blog!  This just seemed like the perfect opportunity!

For my first ever link-up, I wanted to try and do something different but simple using the gradient theme.  I decided to do a blue gradient using dots.  I’ve been calling this a “dottifall” since the style is a kind of dotticure/waterfall hybrid.  For this look, I used China Glaze “New Birth” as the base, then concentrated dots using Zoya “Ling” near the base of my nails.  Then letting the dots get more sporadic as I moved towards the tips of my nails, I used OPI “No Room For The Blues” for the dots near the middle and OPI “What’s With The Cattitude?” for the dots toward the very tip.  The dots toward the tip of the nail should be the most delicate and sparse. I quite liked how this turned out and thought the colors blended into each other perfectly!  I really can’t wait to try this with other color combos now.

Gradient Dottifall | Gradient All The Nails | Peachy Polish

I wanted to add a little dimension to the mani and even contribute the the gradient theme some more, so I used Shleee Polish “Elsa” for the glitter gradient over the dottifall!  I thought it really brought the look together!

Gradient Dottifall with Glitter Gradient | Gradient All The Nails | Peachy Polish

I hope you enjoyed this post!  Stay tuned in September for the next edition and a great new theme.  I’m going to try and participate as often as possible. :)  Please don’t forget to support my fellow bloggers who have such amazing talents and visit their posts below!

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