Lynnderella Mondays!: Tall, Dark And Dead, Connect The Dots & Pick-Up Lime Swatches & Review

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Hello!  Happy first day of September and another happy, glittery Monday to you all!  I have a some more awesome Lynn’s for you this fine day. :)

“Tall, Dark and DEAD” has holographic glitter in silver, purple and red mixed with black glitter and blue and magenta shimmer in a clear base.  SOOOO sparkly!  This is a perfect Halloween polish.  I can’t wait to wear it when Halloween rolls around!  LOVE!  One coat over Zoya “Marnie”.

Lynnderella Tall Dark And DEAD | Peachy Polish Lynnderella Tall Dark And DEAD | Peachy Polish

“Connect The Dots” has black and white glitter and a light holographic flakie and shimmer dusting in a clear base.  This is the polish that got me addicted to Lynnderella way back in the day.  I saw it on Steffels’ blog over OPI “What’s With The Cattitude?” and I knew I needed it (and the OPI too!)  I still need to recreate that mani.  CtD was so unique and groundbreaking at the time and to this day, it’s still a polish I adore.  One dabbed coat over Deborah Lippmann “Red Silk Boxers”.  (PS – I miss Steffels’ blog!  COME BACK!)

Lynnderella Connect The Dots | Peachy Polish Lynnderella Connect The Dots | Peachy Polish

I also did one dabbed coat over Essie “Bottle Service”.

Lynnderella Connect The Dots | Peachy Polish Lynnderella Connect The Dots | Peachy Polish

“Pick Up Lime” has sheer neon green, chartreuse, blue and iridescent glitter in a sheer neon green base.  I was lucky enough to get the very last bottle ever produced of this color and I’m so glad I did.  It’s so bright and cheery that it could make you feel better even on the dullest of days.  I did one coat over Nicole by OPI “Lay It On The Lime.”

Lynnderella Pick-Up Lime | Peachy Polish Lynnderella Pick-Up Lime | Peachy Polish

“Tall, Dark And DEAD” and “Pick-Up Lime” are limited edition polishes.  Like I said, “Pick-Up Lime” is no longer being made sadly but “Tall, Dark And DEAD” can be purchased on Lynnderella’s eBay site via auction the next time it pops up.  “Connect the Dots” is part of the core collection and can be purchased via buy it now on their eBay site or their new Storenvy site!  Don’t forget to follow Love Lynnderella on Facebook and Instagram!

I Bought This

Nubar: Fall 2014 Falling In Love Collection Swatches & Review

Provided For Review

Happy Friday!  I hope you all have fun plans for your weekend!  Today I have a brand that is new to the blog… Nubar!  I have been wanting to try out this brand for a long time (basically since my polish addiction began) and I’m glad I’m finally getting the chance to not only try them, but share them with you all!  Let’s take a look at these pretty Fall polishes.

“Love American Style” is a gorgeous warm-toned red crelly.  I just love a good red polish and this is fantastic.  The crelly formula sets it apart from a lot of other red polishes that are out there.  This is 2 coats.

Nubar Love American Style | Fall 2014 FALLing In Love Collection | Peachy Polish

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OPI: Halloween 2014 Peanuts Collection Swatches & Review

Provided For Review

Hello my pretties!  Today I have a Halloween collection for you.  That’s right… HALLOWEEN.  Can you believe it’s only a couple of months away?  Time just keep going by faster and faster!  I’ll tell you what though, I can’t wait for Fall and Halloween so it doesn’t bother me to kick off the season early. :)

“Good Grief!” is a sunshine yellow creme.  Not the best yellow ever but far from the worst.  I was able to get it looking perfect in 3 coats.

OPI Good Grief! | Halloween 2014 Peanuts Collection | Peachy Polish

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Zoya: Fall 2014 Entice & Ignite Collections Swatches & Review

Provided For Review

Hello lovelies!  I love Zoya Collections but their Fall collections are always my most favorite, these are no exception!  That’s why I’m happy to be showing you Zoya’s Entice and Ignite Collections today!

Entice Collection

“Veronica” is a deep reddened-berry colored creme.  Gorgeous fall color, perfect berry shade!  Love it.  2 coats.

Zoya Veronica | Fall 2014 Entice Collection | Peachy Polish

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Emmy Awards 2014 Fashion Inspired Nails!

HI!  Today I have some nail art for you guys!  Yay!  All of these were inspired by some of the fashion from the yesterday’s 66th Annual Emmy Awards!  If you know me, I’m a bit of a TV fanatic so I love watching the Emmy’s and seeing all the stars.

Don’t forget to check out last year’s post if you’d like to see a little blast from the past but let’s get to the good stuff from this year!

Last year I was inspired by Michelle Dockery‘s bold color combination.  It was so out of the ordinary to pair two colors on the opposite end of the red spectrum.  She pulled off another bold combo this year with her colorblock gown by Rosie Assoulin.  I would never think to pair a pale pink with bold blue and lush grass green but this dress is so swoon-worthy.  The way the fabric lays so effortlessly and the elegant neckline.  I was so taken with this beautiful dress.  Of course I had to do the manicured version.  Here I used OPI “I Love Applause” as the base and hand painted Zoya “Josie” and Milani “Blue Zoom” for the stripes to mimic the top portion of the dress.

Michelle Dockery's Rosie Assoulin Gown | 2014 Emmy's Fashion Inspired Nail Art | Peachy Polish Michelle Dockery's Rosie Assoulin Gown | 2014 Emmy's Fashion Inspired Nail Art | Peachy Polish

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Lynnderella Mondays!: Jammy, AquaMan Candy & A Ghost Of You Swatches & Review

I Bought This

Happy Monday lovely people!  I hope your week is starting off on the right foot.  Today I have another gorgeous group of Lynnderella’s to show you.  One of which is a new favorite for me!

“Jammy” has gorgeous sparkly magenta and fuchsia microglitter and hexes in a clear base.  I was on the fence about getting this for some reason.  I can’t think of the reason now because it’s incredible.  I’m so glad I own this.  It is off the charts on the sparkly glitter spectrum.  And I do love my sparkly glitter.  A new favorite Lynnderella for me, that’s for sure.  I used one coat over OPI “Get Cherried Away”!

Lynndrella Jammy | Peachy Polish Lynndrella Jammy | Peachy Polish

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