Guest Post Recap!

Posted on Jun 2, 2016

Hi!  I meant to do this on Tuesday but I was exhausted from a day of travel so I gave myself a break.  But I would very much like to thank all of the amazing ladies who helped me out while I was gone and posted on the blog!  I was pretty much, not near the computer at all while I was gone so coming back home and seeing all the fabulous posts had my heart all aflutter!  I really wanted to go through each post and give a little recap and a big thank you to each blogger for all their hard work and talent!

Ida Nails It – Gold Rose Stamping


Ida from Ida Nails It graced my blog with her amazing stamping skills.  She really has an eye for great color combinations and of course she slayed this look.  The matte top coat absolutely made the design for me!  I just love Ida’s little shorties (like mine!) and fab swatches!  Thank you Ida!

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Ida Nails It Guest Post | Peachy Polish


Paulina’s Passions – Rose Nail Art

Although I adore everything Paulina from Paulina’s Passions does, her rose and floral nail art has my whole heart!  I think she does my favorite floral nails ever!  I was thrilled to see that’s what she did for her guest post!  Such beauty in the simplicity!  Her execution is always on point too.  Thank you Paulina!

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Rose Nail Art by Paulina's Passions


KellieGonzo – Takko Lacquer Swatches

Fun fact, Kellie at KellieGonzo was one of the first blogs I loved and followed.  So words can’t even express the excitement I have that we are friends and she’s now done a guest post on my blog!  Her swatches are always so inspiring to me so it was completely fitting that she shared some swatches in her guest post!  I’ve been trying to steer clear of Takko Lacquer because I know I’ll fall head over heels but now the resistance is officially over. :)  Thank you Kellie (but also, dang you! JK JK!)

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Takko Lacquer Matcha Latte


Love Varnish – Splash Florals

The lovely Deborah from Love Varnish is currently taking a break from her blog (insert 10 million crying faces here), but she still agreed to do a guest post for me and oh how thankful I am!  I love her work and this splash floral design looks so effortlessly chic!  Again with the matte top coat really just puts a cherry on top!  Thank you Deborah!

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Wondrously Polished – Peaches for Peachy Polish

This mani is exactly the reason I love Lindsey and her blog, Wondrously Polished.  Her intricate, interesting and clever designs kill me every time!  I mean, HAND-PAINTED PEACHES!?  There are no words.  I’m trying but they just aren’t coming!  Just utter fascination and amazement.  Thank you Lindsey!

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wondrously-polished-peachy-polish-peach-nail-art-guest-post 4


Very Emily – Floral Nail Art

Little Miss Emily from Very Emily posted on my birthday and did an extra special mani because she recreated one of my designs which was fashion inspired itself!  Not only is everything she does flawless, she also absolutely nailed the recreation!  She had my feeling so special on my birthday!  Thank you Emily!

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Lavish Layerings – Fashion Inspired

I love doing fashion inspired nail art (wish I could do more of it!) so when I saw that’s what Jenny from Lavish Layerings did for her guest post, I was thrilled!  Not only did she do something fashion inspired, it was a dress worn at the Met Gala this year!  So many amazing gowns!  I’m glad she got a chance to try it out and not only do it but knock it out of the park!  Love me some T. Swift and the nail art from Jenny!  Thank you Jenny!

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A Domestic Life – Sunroom Makeover

There is nothing Kelley from A Domestic Life can’t do.  She does nails, takes amazing photos, is a pro at DIY, decorating and design and also has some really stinking cute (and famous!) dogs!  You’ve likely seen photos of this silly pup, a time or two around the interwebs!  She decided to post a little something different on my blog and boy was it gorgeous!  Honestly, her whole house looks like something out of a magazine so I was not at all surprised at the beauty of her post.  It was fun seeing something very new on the blog and it absolutely blew me away.  Thank you Kelley!

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Buffet After 2


Kelli Marissa – Neon Dry Brush Mani

Now for the 3rd Kelli (I must really like gals named Kelli/Kelley/Kellie!)  Kelli is the only YouTuber to do a guest post for me and I’m so thankful that she came over for a little writing and photos.  Her mani incorporated 2 of my faves, neon and dry brush so obviously I loved it!  She also used a matte top coat!  I always forget to use one but all these ladies have me inspired!  Thank you Kelli!

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IMG_6929 copy


Nail Polish Society – Neon Tie Dye Watermarble

Last, but most certainly not least, Emily from Nail Polish Society graced us with some psychedelic neon tie dye nails!  Y’all know I love me a good watermarble and her is fantastic!  The addition of the dots just went above and beyond, making this mani so eye-catching!  I have to say her ring finger is my fave but I love how different and awesome each one is!  Thank you Emily!

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One last BIG GIANT THANK YOU to all of these wonderful ladies.  They are all so incredibly talented!  Please give them each a follow, they deserve it!


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