Happy Holidays!: Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa Themed Nail Art

Posted on Dec 23, 2014

Hola ladies and gents!  As Hanukkah nears the end, Christmas creeps up ever so quickly and Kwanzaa is about to begin, I wanted to scootch in with a bit of holiday themed nail art.  I whipped these nail art looks up for you just in the nick of time. :)

First up, I free-handed a single chevron design using OPI “Alpine Snow”, “Cinnamon Sweet”, “Christmas Gone Plaid” and “Unfrost My Heart”.

Christmas Single Chevron Nail Art | Peachy Polish

Next, I did some simple nail are, using Color Club “Look, Don’t Tusk” as the base for the middle and ring fingers and used Zoya “Chyna” and “Chita” for the stripes and for the index and pinkie fingers.  This mani was inspired by ErinZi!

Christmas Striped and Textured Nail Art | Peachy Polish

I did these peppermint swirls using Essie “Bone Chilling” as the base, OPI “Fashion A Bow” and “Flamingo Tini Pink” for the swirls and a rhinestone in the middle for some extra oomph.  This isn’t great but it’s my first try at peppermint swirls.  Practice makes perfect right, so maybe next holiday season, I’ll be better. :)  I was inspired by Cute Nails.

Girly Peppermint Swirl Nail Art | Peachy Polish

I was lightly inspired by Shelby Lou Nails for this next mani.  I used KBShimmer “Holly Back Girl” for the base, OPI “Christmas Gone Plaid”, “Cinnamon Sweet”, “Unfrost My Heart”, “50 Years Of Style” for the trees and I fished the stars out of a bottle of Laquerlicious “Bottle of Bubbly” to decorate the tops of the trees.

Christmas Tree Nail Art | Peachy Polish

For this one, I used OPI “Funny Bunny” as the base and OPI “Christmas Gone Plaid”, “Cinnamon Sweet”, “Unfrost My Heart” and “50 Years Of Style” to create gradient looking polka dots!  This is actually one of my favorites in this post and it was so easy to do!

Gradient Christmas Dot Nail Art | Peachy PolishAfter all those Christmas manis, I only have a couple for Hanukkah and Kwanzaa but I still really wanted to include some of those manis in this post, too!

For this first Hanukkah mani, I used OPI “Keeping Suzi At Bay” for the base, then did a glitter gradient using Shimmer Polish “Alice” on my middle finger.  Then I used Priti NYC “Old Man Cactus” for the Star of David on my ring finger and the polka dots on my index and pinky fingers!

Happy Hanukkah Nail Art | Peachy Polish

Next, a wintery mani that doubles as a Hanukkah mani using Zoya “Dream” and white acrylic paint to free-hand paint the snowflakes.  This was inspired by Indian Ocean Polish.

Winter Snowflake Nail Art | Peachy Polish

Since I loved the Christmas polka dot gradient so much, I wanted to do a Hanukkah themed one too so I used OPI “Funny Bunny” for the base and OPI “Can’t Find My Czechbook”, “Keeping Suzi At Bay” and Priti NYC “Old Man Cactus” for the cascading dots.

Gradient Hanukkah Dot Nail Art | Peachy Polish

Lastly, the only Kwanzaa mani I had time to do but I used the gradient polka dot look for this one too!  To get this look, I used Essie “Licorice” as the base and OPI “Cinnamon Sweet” and “The ‘IT’ Color” and Rescue Beauty Lounge “Become One” for the dots.  This time, the dots are cascading from the base of my nail instead of the tip. :)

Gradient Kwanzaa Dot Nail Art | Peachy Polish


I hope you have enjoyed this post and that you continue to enjoy the holiday season!  Which nail art was your favorite in today’s post?  Tell me in the comments below!

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