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KBShimmer: Winter 2013 Blogger Collection Swatches & Review

Posted on Oct 31, 2013

Provided For Review

Hello all!  I just could not wait another second to swatch and post these polishes!  This is a Collection that I have been looking forward to since the beginning of Summer when Christy from KBShimmer asked me if I’d like to collaborate on a polish with her for the Winter Collection!  Of course I agreed to it and I’m so excited to finally have these polishes in my mitts and to be able to show them to you now.  If you want to see what inspired each blogger to create their collaboration polish, you can check out KBShimmer’s Facebook album.   There are some really awesome and adorable inspirations for these polishes!

“Snow Much Fun” was created with Victoria from The Manicurator.  It’s a light blue jelly with light blue holo glitter, white glitters in several sizes and finishes, a sprinkling of micro holographic glitter, and white snowflake glitter.*  This polish is awesome!  It’s so pretty, has an awesome formula and has easy glitter pickup.  The snowflakes came out of the bottle with no fishing required, whatsoever!  3 coats.

KBShimmer Snow Much Fun

KBShimmer Snow Much Fun

KBShimmer Snow Much Fun

“Christmas Now” was created with Crystal from Crystal’s Crazy Combos.  It’s a green jelly with multi-colored squares, circles, and stars.*  I love that the base is bright and cheery!  It reminds me of modern Christmas decor.  Great glitter pickup and formula.  2 coats.

KBShimmer Christmas Now

KBShimmer Christmas Now

KBShimmer Christmas Now

“Merry Pinkmas” was created with Cris from Let Them Have Polish.  It’s a light cotton candy pink polish featuring red, green and neon glitters in a variety of shapes.*  This. Is. Awesome.  The colors are so different but work so well together.  I love that it’s pink but still undoubtedly Christmas themed.  A wonderful Holiday polish!  2 coats.

KBShimmer Merry Pinkmas

KBShimmer Merry Pinkmas

KBShimmer Merry Pinkmas


“I’d Rather Be With Blue” was created with Lisa from Cosmetic Sanctuary.  It’s a light blue matte polish with subtle iridescent shimmer that sparkles like the snow.*  Gorgeous!  This is a great addition to the KBShimmer matte polishes.  It truly is like a bright wintery sky.  2 coats.

KBShimmer I'd Rather Be With Blue

KBShimmer I'd Rather Be With Blue

KBShimmer I'd Rather Be With Blue

“Green Hex & Glam” was created with Kayla from Kayla Shevonne.  Kayla wanted a green version of “I Got A Crush On Blue“.  It’s a forest green jelly with holographic hex glitters.*  Well, I love “I Got A Crush On Blue” so it’s no surprise that I’m in love with this beauty as well.  I think I could use this polish in lots of different jelly bases!  2 coats.

KBShimmer Green Hex & Glam

KBShimmer Green Hex & Glam

KBShimmer Green Hex & Glam

“Will Yule Marry Me” was created with Chelsea from The Nail Network.  It’s a navy blue crelly with sparkling silver holo circle and hex holo glitter.*  I found my bottle to be a bit more gray toned than navy in person.  The pictures captured it more navy than my eye could see.  Regardless, another absolutely stunning polish.  It is so rich and elegant looking.  2 coats.

KBShimmer Will Yule Marry Me?

KBShimmer Will Yule Marry Me?

KBShimmer Will Yule Marry Me?

“I Only Have Ice For You” was created with Sarah from Chalkboard Nails.  It’s a clear top coat with shimmering white flakes and holographic glitters.*  If you could capture snow in a bottle, I’m pretty sure this is what it would look like.  Looking at this polish makes me really crave a beautiful snowy day.  It’s the perfect combo of white and sparkly holo glitter.  2 coats over Rescue Beauty Lounge “Reveillon.”

KBShimmer I Only Have Ice For You

KBShimmer I Only Have Ice For You

KBShimmer I Only Have Ice For You

“Strung Out” was created with Jackie from Candy Coated Tips.  It is black jelly polish with circle “light” glitters in gold, silver, green, blue, red.*  It’s definitely like twinkling Christmas lights in the darkness of night.  Such a good idea for a polish.  It makes me excited for Christmas so I can see everyone’s Christmas lights!  2 coats by itself.  I think I will try it over a black creme next time!

KBShimmer Strung Out

KBShimmer Strung Out

KBShimmer Strung Out

“Sand In My Stocking” was created with Jen from The Polishaholic.  It is a golden toned sand inspired polish with pops of orange, aqua, and holographic stars.*  This is such an unexpected polish for a Holiday/Winter themed collection but it works so well!  It was inspired by “Sand Men” since Jen doesn’t get snow where she lives, in southern California.  The colors are something I would never think of but it is SO awesome!  It really does look like a sandy beach.  It will be good to wear year-round too!  One coat over Rescue Beauty Lounge “Naked Without Polish.”

KBShimmer Sand In My Stocking

KBShimmer Sand In My Stocking

KBShimmer Sand In My Stocking

“Plum Tuckered Out” was created with Sheila from Pointless Cafe.  It is a rich plum color with blue shimmer.*  Who doesn’t love a good plum polish?  And what makes this one even better is the glorious blue shimmer that simply shines from underneath.  I just love jewel toned polishes for Winter!  I think this one will be one of my favorites!  3 coats.

KBShimmer Plum Tuckered Out

KBShimmer Plum Tuckered Out

KBShimmer Plum Tuckered Out

And last but certainly not least, “Toast-ess With The Mostest” was created with yours truly!  :)  It’s a clear glitter topper loaded with glitters in shades of gold, silver and pink in circles and hex shapes to mimic champagne.*  As you all know, I love circular glitter.  I also love champagne and the way it bubbles in the glass when it’s poured.  When you want to celebrate something, you ALWAYS pull out the champagne, especially for the holidays!  So this polish was completely inspired by the bubbly refreshment.  I adore how this turned out.  I couldn’t have done it any better if I had mixed it myself.  It’s just what I imagined in my dream polish.  One coat over China Glaze “Pink Of Me.”

KBShimmer Toast-ess With The Mostest

KBShimmer Toast-ess With The Mostest

KBShimmer Toast-ess With The Mostest

These will be available Friday, November 1st on KBShimmer’s website. If you live outside of the U.S. you can purchase these on Harlow & Co‘s website on November 1st too.  You can follow KBShimmer on Facebook and Instagram, as well as Harlow & Co. on Facebook and Instagram for news and updates!

Stay tuned for the rest of the Winter Collection coming up early next week!

*Descriptions provided by KBShimmer.

Provided For Review
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  • 崔响鼓

    love the merry pinkmas and pink of me. big fan of pink!!

  • marincordova

    OMG these are all so beautiful !!!

  • Bre

    Seriously, toastess with the mostess is the single prettiest glitter I’ve ever seen!

  • Christina Salas

    all these colors are amazing. my favorite is Merry Pinkmas! I love the color pink. Great swatches.

  • Mary Palmer

    Love these!

  • Lauryn Andrade

    Snow Much Fun is the winner for me. :)

  • Katelyn A. Petersen

    Love this new collection! I want ALL of them!

  • stunning colors but I’d rather be with blue is my favourite!

  • Outshop _

    So good ♡_♡

  • Christine

    omigoshhhh so many but right now it’s leaning the most to Snow Much Fun just because of the snowflake glitter and the gorgeous sky blue <3 <3 <3

  • Emily

    They’re all my favorite! But I think Plum Tuckered Out is my most favorite

  • Lisa

    I love them all but I’m dying for Snow Much Fun! :)

  • florencia gomez

    And i want to win this so badly, because here in Argentina we dont have so gorgeous polishes, and i’ll be blessed with this price. Thank u

  • florencia gomez

    I`m in loveeeeeee with toast-ess with the mostest, all the polishes are amazing, but this one stole my heart <3

  • Tanya Payne

    My favorites are I Only Have Ice For You, I’d Rather Be With You Blue and Toast-ess With the Mostest. This is an awesome giveaway, thank you!

  • Amelyn Krys

    I honestly love them all & would totally wear them throughout November & December. They are so pretty.

  • Unlit

    My favorite is Snow Much Fun. The light blue color will just about make anyone’s skin tone pop and stand out plus the little snowflakes are to die for (:

  • Ruth Knall

    I want them all!!!! So sparkly, so glittery.

  • CJ

    I absolutely love KBSHIMMER’S polish! I only own 2, Oh Splat! And Totally Tubular! But I would love this set because I love the Christmas theme and I also really love all the glitter. :)

  • Annette

    I love them all. I like Sand in my Stocking. I am a sucker for a glitter topper :)…cutenss

  • Kenya Charone Johnson

    “Toast-ess With The Mostest” is definitely my favorite! The colors of the glitters as well as the shapes and sizes really catch my eye and appeal to me. I have never seen anything like it and I am in LOVE with that polish.

  • Yvette M. Acosta

    OMG i love Snow Much Fun and Strung Out!! Can’t wait to get my hands on these!! :)

  • Brigette Lucas

    Sand in My Stocking is my favorite!

  • Karel Horn

    Honestly when I saw the press release I would have told you that my favorites were Merry Pinkmas or Snow Much Fun – but then I saw swatches of all of them and the beauty of YOUR collaboration does not translate in the bottle the way it does on the nail and it moved quickly to the top spot!!! Also – how have I never found my way to your blog before this?! Delighted that I found your blog! :)

  • Sheena Kraft

    You did an amazing job on these searches! This is really an awesome collection!

  • pawsandpolish

    I’m pretty sure I want all of these! I’d never be able to decide which one first so I better hope I’ve been a good girl all year long and then Santa might just let me buy all at once! That’s all I need under my tree since I am the biggest fan of Christmas ever. The comment about Christmas Now reminding you of modern Xmas decor is exactly what I was thinking when I drooled over these last night! I thought of the new white tree we got last year which is retro, but we did it up in all kinds of fun bright colors, like this polish! I got sick of doing blue, silver & white snowflake decor so we flipped things upside down last year & went bright & cheery! Sorry, I just related to that one so well! They are all incredible though! Gorgeous swatches!

  • Destiny Moore

    I’d love to get my hands on these babies. Loving each and every mani. ♥

  • Julie Gardner

    I love Merry Pinkmas!

  • Jessica DeJesus

    I LOVE Sand in my Stocking because you layered it over the perfect base!! But I think my definite favorite is Green Hex & Glam, because the name is a riot, and it has so much depth :)

  • Ditte Lemcke

    IN LOVE with Snow Much Fun, but gotta say the entire collection had me sighing ;) They’re all extremely pretty and would definately deserve a shelf just for them! Would love to build a pretty shelf for them <3

  • The lacquered Owl

    My fav polish is Snow Much Fun. Here in the Midwest we get tons of snow in the Winter and that polish captures a snowy day perfectly.

  • yanet3

    I Only Have Ice For You is my Fav!

  • Genevieve

    love this whole collection ! especially yours & Merry Pinkmas <3

  • Alysia Ahrent

    SNow Much Fun Is My Fav!

  • Shaylene Boyarski

    Strung out and toast-ess with the mostess!

  • Jacqueline Pico

    I LOVE snow much fun, but they’re all gorgeous!

  • Glorinel Perez-Ruiz

    I love them all but merry pinkmas and strung out are my faves :)

  • Danielle Rabb

    I love them all, but I think my absolute favorites are Will Yule Marry Me? and Snow Flaking Way

  • Seneca Greenstreet

    Ugh. I absolutely LOVE your swatches!! It’s making it so hard for me to choose a few lol.

  • Keelyn Marin

    These are all gorgeous.. I really like the merry pinkmas and snow much fun.. to be honest I love them all.. would love tp have them

  • Megan Trenery

    OMG I want them all but I love Sand in my Stocking so much!!

  • Elise Mary Lubinsky

    Christmas Now is my fav. I love all of your polishes and you post very good quality photos of each color and I appreciate that!

  • Jahaira Salguero

    I was looking for your photos and blog for this for about a week ha ha! I love your pictures and manicure is always so perfect.
    I want too many of them specially Snow much fun and Toast-ess With The Mostest. I was really hoping for them to release again SNow way. but these will do ha!

  • Marta


  • Amanda Armijo

    They’re all GORGEOUS! Need them all!

  • yuinying

    I love “I only have ice for you” <3 so icy :D

  • Tiffany Hope

    Will Yule marry me, Strung Out & Toastess with the mostess are my faves!!

  • Cynthia Hoang

    Must have all!

  • Marla Sulmonte

    Oh dear, I want them all!!

  • Trista Bowman

    I can’t pick just one! The whole collection is gorgeous, but Snow Much Fun, Will Yule Marry Me and Toastest with the Mostest are definitely my top 3!

  • Mary Van Grey

    Snow Much Fun, I’d Rather Be With Blue and Toast-ess With The Mostest is soooo amazing! Really think that your swatches are the “tastiest”! :)

  • Jbh Jbh

    Snow Much Fun is my favorite, can’t wait to get it :)

  • Jamie Pang

    I love the one you created! :) As for a non-glitter topper, I’m most excited over will yule marry me.

  • Tabitha

    Will Yule Marry Me would probably be my favorite!

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  • Katie

    Looove!!! <3

  • Gillian from PlumeriaPainted

    This collection looks beyond amazing, love your swatches (I always LOVE your macro shots)!! Favourites are christmas now, merry pinkmas, sand in my stocking and toastess with the mostess!! :)

  • Christy

    Thank you so much for swatching!! They all look fab, great job as always!!

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