Laquerlicious: Summer 2014 Neon Top Coats Swatches & Review

Provided For Review

Hi friends!  Are you ready for a fun-filled Memorial Day weekend?  I have so much planned which is really unusual for me because I’m normally a stay-at-home kinda gal but there are 2 big days coming up that need to commemorated!  Tomorrow (May 23rd) I turn 27… I’m officially starting to feel older since I’m closer to 30 than 20.  Such an odd realization.  And then on May 28th Ado and I celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary!  Which is also so bizarre.  It doesn’t feel like it was 5 years ago.  So on my birthday, we are heading to a Mariners game with our good friends Juli and Chris and we are bound to have lots of fun!  Then on Saturday, Ado and I are heading to Cannon Beach, Oregon to celebrate our anniversary.  I grew up in the Portland area so going to Cannon Beach and Seaside are some of my favorite pastimes.  Ado has never been so it will be fun to introduce him to place he’s never been.  We are also getting photos taken at the beach by a real photographer and an amazing gal I went to High School with.  Ado and I never had an actual “wedding” wedding and we didn’t have official photographs taken of us then (or ever) so I’m extremely excited.  I can’t wait.  Then next weekend, more fun!  A bunch of my great friends are coming over and we are having an old school middle school-style sleepover (but with cocktails!)  So much to look forward to!  It’s been really hard to stay focused on anything else this week!

But back to to the polish at hand (er… nail?)  Today I have some awesome, awesome, AWESOME polishes for you from Laquerlicious!

“At The Lake” is chalk full of neon cyan blue glitter and shimmer with a sprinkling of purple glitter and shimmer. in a clear base.  Whoa.  WHOA.  This is insanely awesome.  I knew I’d love this but I’m obsessed.  Amazing formula, enough glitter to be worn alone and freaking stunning!  One coat over Zoya “Charisma”.

Laquerlicious At The Lake | Peachy Polish

Laquerlicious At The Lake | Peachy Polish

“Beat The Heat” has neon pink glitter with a smattering of red glitter with blue, orange and pink shimmer in a clear base.  Again, so amazing!  So bright, so pretty, so perfect.  I did one coat over Zoya “Jancyn”.

Laquerlicious Beat The Heat | Peachy Polish

Laquerlicious Beat The Heat | Peachy Polish

“Lemon Limeade” has neon green and yellow glitter and shimmer in a clear base.  I mean, hello.  How could you not love this.  As with the others, amazing.  JUST stunning. One coat over Deborah Lippmann “Amazing Grace”.

Laquerlicious Lemon Limeade | Peachy Polish

Laquerlicious Lemon Limeade | Peachy Polish

My dudes… you need these.  I can’t get over them.  I’m going to be using these a lot, I can already tell.

Laquerlicious polishes can be purchased on their website. You can always follow Laquerlicious on Facebook and Instagram (@creativenailchick) for shop news and updates! :)

Provided For Review
  • Angsthase

    Lemme just catch my breath a second because OH. MY. GOODNESS. Lemon Limeade is the most beautiful thing! And all I want to do now is layer hot pink glitter over vibrant orange polish. Beautiful! BEAUTIFUL! And happy birthday for yesterday! I hope you’re already finding twenty-seven to be a great age. Good luck with your photos! It sounds like a lot of fun :)

  • Nicole LaRussa

    Gorgeous swatches of equally gorgeous polishes!!! Hope you have the happiest of birthdays!! And happy anniversary!!

  • CNDNailTech

    Thank you so much Valesha! They all look fantastic! Happy birthday and happy anniversary!

  • kellie gonzo

    Happy birthday dear!!

  • Lee Imhoff

    Happy Birthday AND Happy Anniversary!!!

  • Alicia Benton

    I’m loving all three of these! Great swatches!

  • Squeaky Nails

    Fun! I’d love to see Beat the Heat over a dark base, too :D