Lynnderella: Swatch Spam

Posted on Dec 19, 2013

I Bought This!

Hi guys!  Today I have Lynnderella swatch spam to show you!  It feels like I have been saving up these pictures for forever!  These are all mani’s I’ve worn, probably within the last few months or so!

This is the mani I wore most recently!  I did “Pink Ribbon Candy” over Essie “Parka Perfect” and then of course had to do some holly nail art as an accent!  I used OPI “Pinking Of You” on the accent nail with Essie “Parka Perfect” for the polka dots, Zoya “Giovanna” for the leaves and OPI “In My Santa Suit” for the berries.  I loved this mani so much!

Lynnderella Pink Ribbon Candy

“Tied Up In A Rainbow” is a holographic glitter bomb with glitter, microglitter and shreds.  It’s so awesome!  I just adore the shreds in here and of course the holographic factor just sets it off for me!  I did 2 coats over OPI “I’m Feeling Sashay”.

Lynnderella Tied Up In A Rainbow

“The Bearable Belonging” was a polish I knew I HAD to own the minute I saw it!  The glitter combo is just so unique!  It’s got gray, white, black, light pink, dark pink, red and orange glitter in a clear base.  So much fun!  I did one coat over OPI “My Very First Knockwurst” on the pinkie and ring and I used Sparitual “Aroused” on my middle and pointer finger!

Lynnderella The Bearable Belonging

“Relish The Cranberry” was one of my biggest lemmings of all time!  And thanks to a very lovely nail polish friend, I was able to squash that lemming!  And oh man, it is beautiful!  I’m so happy!  It’s full of shades of red glitter, orange, magenta and sparse black glitter in a reddish magenta tinged base.  I did one coat over Deborah Lippmann “Single Ladies”.

Lynnderella Relish The Cranberry

“Five Golden Rings” is a gorgeous golden glitter filled polish.  It’s so sparkly and delicate!  I love this polish. I did a reverse glitter gradient over Rescue Beauty Lounge “Opaque Nude”.

Lynnderella Five Golden Rings

“The Knave Of Hearts” has black, cyan, turquoise, white and red glitter with gorgeous shimmer in a clear base.  So pretty.  One coat over OPI “OPI… Eurso Euro”.

Lynnderella The Knave Of Hearts

“She Lived In A Swamp” has shades of green and chartreuse glitter in a clear base.  This is one of my original favorites!  Definitely swampy!  One coat over Rescue Beauty Lounge “No More War”.

Lynnderella She Lived In A Swamp

“Are You A Good Witch?” has an overload of purple and blue shimmer with red, purple, white, black, green and holographic silver glitter in a clear base.  The shimmer in this just kills it!  So fab!  One coat over OPI “Miss You-niverse.”

Lynnderella Are You A Good Witch?

“One Very Cheeky Blue Bird” has metallic and matte teal and blue glitter, pink glitter and lime green glitter in with strong teal shimmer in a clear base.  One coat over Rescue Beauty Lounge “Réveillon”.

Lynnderella One Very Cheeky Bluebird

Some of these polishes are limited edition which you can buy on Lynnderella’s eBay site via auction.  Some of these are in the core collection and they can be purchased via buy it now on their eBay site!  Don’t forget to follow Love Lynnderella on Facebook and Instagram!

I Bought This!
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