Milani: Color Statement Nail Lacquer Collection Swatches & Review | Part 1

Posted on Jul 15, 2014

Provided For Review

Hello everyone.  Today I have part one of Milani’s new Color Statement Collection for you.  This first half contains the pinks and reds of the collection.  There are tons of swatches to show you so let’s get right to it!

“Mauving Forward” is a bruise-y colored mauve creme.  Shades like these are my absolute favorite.  I could wear them for the rest of my life.  So classy and timeless.  This one has a great formula.  Easy to use and spread on the nail and could be a one-coater but, I did 2 out of habit.

Milani Mauving Forward | Peachy Polish

“Lady-Like Sheer” is a pale blue-toned ballet pink sheer polish.  Love these kinds of sheers and this one is great.  Easy formula and you could probably build it up in a few coats.  I did 2 coats here.

Milani Lady-Like Sheer | Peachy Polish

“Vintage Lace Sheer” is a pink tinged super sheer polish.  It’s entirely too sheer in my opinion… maybe good for a french tip mani?  It does have a nice formula but this is 3 coats and my nails look pretty much naked.

Milani Vintage Lace Sheer | Peachy Polish

“Doll Face” is a cool toned pink creme.  This one dries a little on the quick side so beware of it chunking up if you paint slowly.  I did 2 coats.

Milani Doll Face | Peachy Polish

“Pink Beige” is a just that, a pinky beige color.  It’s kind of an old victorian-looking shade and I love it!  It suits my skin tone well and it’s a pretty unique color.  Nice formula on this one.  Really creamy.  2 coats.

Milani Pink Beige | Peachy Polish

“Gilded Rocks” has foily gold shimmer with pink and gold glitter in a clear base.  Great glitter payoff.  I think this is a dupe or at least close to a couple other popular polishes out there, Deborah Lippmann “Baby I’m A Star” and A England “She Walks In Beauty.”  So pretty.  One coat over “Pink Beige.”

Milani Gilded Rocks | Peachy Polish

Milani Gilded Rocks | Peachy Polish

“Bombshell” is a bright bubblegum pink crelly.  This one is a bit patchy so it requires a steady hand but I was able to make it look evened out in 2 coats.

Milani Bombshell | Peachy Polish

“Corrupted Coral” is a creme that perfectly walks the line between pink and orange.  The formula isn’t the best.  I found it to be a bit patchy but I was able to get it evened out in 3 coats.

Milani Corrupted Coral | Peachy Polish

“Cupcake Icing” is a lilac creme that leans pink.  This one has an amazing formula.  Almost a one-coater but I did 2 coats for these photos.

Milani Cupcake Icing | Peachy Polish

“Hot Pink Rage” is a bright magenta creme.  Again, great formula on this one.  Gorgeous and one-coater here as well.  I did 2 coats out of habit.

Milani Hot Pink Rage | Peachy Polish

“Club Lights” has light and rosy pink glitter and shimmer in a clear base.  Easy to use formula and great glitter payoff.  I did one coat over “Hot Pink Rage.”

Milani Club Lights | Peachy Polish

Milani Club Lights | Peachy Polish

“Mango Tango” is a red-orange creme.  Great formula.  Dries super shiny.  Almost a one coater.  I did 2 coats.

Milani Mango Tango | Peachy Polish

“Modern Rouge” is a bright blue-toned red crelly.  A classic and beautiful polish.  2 easy coats.

Milani Modern Rouge | Peachy Polish

“Red Label” is a true red creme.  Perfect, great formula.  I did 2 coats but you could get away with one.

Milani Red Label | Peachy Polish

“Iconic Red” is a vampy dark red creme.  Great red, great formula.  2 coats.

Milani Iconic Red | Peachy Polish

“Ruby Stone” is a shimmering red metallic.  So gorgeous and lush and truly like a sparkling ruby.  2 easy coats.

Milani Ruby Stone | Peachy Polish

“Crimson Jewel” has red glitter in a red jelly base.  Very sparkly and pretty.  2 coats.

Milani Crimson Jewel | Peachy Polish

Milani Crimson Jewel | Peachy Polish

“Enchanting” is a deep, deep blood red crelly.  Very shiny, great formula.  In low light, it’s hard to tell what color it is, but you can tell in brighter lights that it’s a deep red.  Vampilicious!  2 coats.

Milani Enchanting | Peachy Polish

These polishes are available now on Milani’s website!  They will also be available at drug stores such as CVS and Walgreens.

Don’t forget to check out part 2!

Provided For Review
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