Milani: Color Statement Nail Lacquer Collection Swatches & Review | Part 2

Posted on Jul 15, 2014

Provided For Review

Hello all!  I have the second set of swatches from Milani’s Color Statement Collection for you today.  Again, there is a wholeeeee lotta polishes here so let’s get right to the goodies!

“Mint Crush” is a dusty pale blue creme with minty undertones.  Decent formula if you use a light and steady hand.  I was able to get it evened out in 2 coats.

Milani Mint Crush | Peachy Polish

“Sugar Plum” is a shimmery purple toned fuchsia metallic.  Like a Christmas ornament! :)  Great formula.  2 coats.

Milani Sugar Plum | Peachy Polish

“Frenchie Sheer” is a milky white sheer polish.  Quite sheer but not too sheer that it’s unwearable alone but sheer enough that I don’t think it would buildable in a reasonable number of coats.  Just the right amount.  Nice formula.  3 coats.

Milani Frenchie Sheer | Peachy Polish

“Spotlight White” is a pure white creme.  Not the best white I’ve ever encountered but not terrible.  It required a ridge-filling base coat and 3 coats with a steady, light hand.

Milani Spotlight White | Peachy Polish

“Peri-Wink” is a medium shade of periwinkle creme with a very light hidden shimmer.  Unfortunately, not the greatest formula on this one.  Chunky and streaky all at once.  I did 3 coats and you could still see some bald patches in person.

Milani Peri-Wink | Peachy Polish

“Water Front” is a gorgeous sky blue creme with an awesome formula.  2 coats!

Milani Water Front | Peachy Polish

“Imperial Purple” is a pale lavender purple creme.  Pretty good formula here.  2 coats.

Milani Imperial Purple | Peachy Polish

“Lovely Amethyst” is a frosted lilac.  Ok, let’s be real, this is fugggggg.  Some people might like this but I audibly exclaimed “WOOF!” upon applying this.  Streaky, frosty, just not cute.  2 coats.

Milani Lovely Amethyst | Peachy Polish

“Bronze” is a light brown frost with slight pink undertones.  The only thing worse than a frosted polish is brown frosted polish.  I’m sorry, this is hideous and again with streakiness.  2 coats.

Milani Bronze | Peachy Polish

“Silhouette” is a dusty army green with a slight silvery microshimmer.  Love this one.  Great formula, gorgeous color.  2 coats.

Milani Silhouette | Peachy Polish

“Ultra Violet” has magenta and purple shimmer in a dusty reddened grape creme base.  This is stunning.  Probably my favorite polish out of all the Milani Color Statement polishes!  Amazing.  2 coats.

Milani Ultra Violet | Peachy Polish

“Tattle Teal” is a gorgeous turquoise creme.  Reminds me of Butter London “Slapper” which is one of my favorites except for the fact that it stains.  I wore this over one coat of ridge-filling base coat and it didn’t appear to stain in the time this I swatched it but I’m not sure about wearing it as a regular mani, but just be aware of that.  2 coats.

Milani Tattle Teal | Peachy Polish

“Blue Print” is a dusty royal blue creme.  I don’t own the original “Pacific Blue” by Sally Hansen but I imagine this may be close to that color.  Gorgeous blue.  Love it.  2 coats.

Milani Blue Print | Peachy Polish

“Rainbow Prisms” is a silver holographic glitter topper.  Very pretty and sparkly and a great amount of glitter payoff.  One coat over “Blue Print.”

Milani Rainbow Prisms | Peachy Polish

Milani Rainbow Prisms | Peachy Polish

“Charcoal Charm” is a charcoal polish that borders between being a metallic and frost but fortunately leans more metallic.  It’s just a little tiny bit streaky but not bad and it’s full of green and purple shimmer.  Pretty and reflective.  2 coats.

Milani Charcoal Charm | Peachy Polish

“Gold Plated” is a caramely gold foil.  Pretty and shiny!  Everything you could ask for from a foil polish.  2 coats.

Milani Gold Plated | Peachy Polish

“Ink Spot” is a deep inky blue creme.  Nice formula.  The color looks basically black though. :/  2 coats.

Milani Ink Spot | Peachy Polish

“Pearl-Plexed Sheer” has blue, green and purple shimmer in a clear base.  Nice little shimmery top coat.  Great formula.  One coat over “Ink Spot.”

Milani Pearl-Plexed Sheer | Peachy Polish

Milani Pearl-Plexed Sheer | Peachy Polish

These polishes are available now on Milani’s website! They will also be available at drug stores such as CVS and Walgreens.

Don’t forget to check out part 1!

Provided For Review
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