NCLA: The Cremes

Posted on Nov 1, 2012

Hey everyone!  Today I have some creme polishes from NCLA to show you!

First up is “Downtown Dollface” a gray creme that is such a light shade that you almost think it’s white at first glance.  It’s like off white with an edge.  The formula was excellent for a shade like this.  2 coats for full opacity and no streakiness!

NCLA Downtown Dollface

“Dirty Martini” is a color I was swooning over from the first second I laid eyes on it.  I love colors like this.  Like mashed up peas or your grandma’s avocado green Whitehall glassware she’s had since the 70’s.  It’s one of those awesome, pretty-ugly colors.  Adore this!  2 buttery coats.

NCLA Dry Martini

“Eight Days A Week” is a periwinkle creme that leans more toward blue than purple.  I was very impressed by the formula the first time I wore this.  It’s not chalky or streaky like some shades similar to this can be.  2 easy coats.

NCLA Eight Days A Week

“Like… Totally Valley Girl” is a bubble gum pink creme.  As a child of the 90’s, how can you not like a polish with a name like that?  I used 2 thin coats here and you can still see a bit of patchiness, I would recommend 3 coats or 2 thick coats to even it all out.

NCLA Like Totally Valley Girl

“Mulholland Maneater” is a dark blurple that is more blue than it is purple on me.  So moody and dark without looking black.  Very glossy!  2 coats.

NCLA Mullholland Maneater

“Pick Me Up At Melrose Place” is an intensely hued purple creme that is bright without being neon.  Another one with an impeccable formula!  2 coats.

NCLA Pick Me Up At Melrose Place

“Rodeo Drive Royalty” is a perfect blood red.  This is SUPER pigmented so watch out for a bit of staining if you get any on your skin.  This was just a bit on the thin side so it ran into my cuticles a smidge, but if you use thin coats rather than thick ones, you should be just fine.  2 coats.

NCLA Rodeo Drive Royalty

“Venice Beach Vixen” is quite possibly one of my favorite blues and that is saying a lot since I have a TON of blues in my stash.  So creamy and the shade of blue is just perfect.  I used this for my Mario Manicure for Halloween and I only used 1 COAT for it.  It was just amazingly perfect.  I can’t rave enough about this one.  I used 2 coats here.

NCLA Venice Beach Vixen


NCLA polishes can be purchase on their website, They also have some stunning nail wraps, so go check them out!



Some of these products were provided to me for review.


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