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OPI: Comparisons – Washington D.C. Collection

Posted on Jul 22, 2016


Hi again everyone! Today I actually have some comparisons  of the Washington D.C. Collection to share with you! I’m sure some of you are going to be very excited about this! I don’t always get the chance to do these so I’m really happy I was able to this time! Obviously, I don’t own every polish out there but I tried my best to find similar polishes or polishes I thought people would like to see compared. I hope you enjoy it!

Pale To The Chief is unique because it has that added silvery shimmer. I knew that I probably wouldn’t find a dupe but compared it with a bunch of polishes anyway!

  • Pointer: OPI Don’t Pretzel My Buttons (2 coats) – a tone darker and cooler
  • Middle: OPI Pale To The Chief (2 coats)
  • Ring: Zoya Taylor (2 coats) – darker and cooler
  • Pinkie: Deborah Lippmann Naked (3 coats) – warmer and more of a jelly formulation

OPI Pale To The Chief | Washington D.C. Collection Comparisons | Peachy Polish

  • Pointer: Essie Topless And Barefoot (2 coats) – lighter and pinker toned
  • Middle: OPI Pale To The Chief (2 coats)
  • Ring: Zoya Natasha (2 coats) – a touch darker
  • Pinkie: OPI Samoan Sand (3 coats) – slighly lighter and warmer toned

OPI Pale To The Chief | Washington D.C. Collection Comparisons | Peachy Polish


I was surprised to see that Never A Dulles Moment didn’t have a dupe in my collection but it has a sort of duskiness that none of my other yellows have. It reminds me of Clueless when Cher wears that yellow plaid outfit. So good!

  • Pointer: Butter London Cheeky Chops (2 coats) – much lighter and brighter
  • Middle: OPI Never A Dulles Moment (2 coats)
  • Ring: China Glaze Metro Pollen-tin (3 coats) – this is the closest but it still isn’t close. It’s more orangey toned.
  • Pinkie: OPI Towel Me About It (2 coats) – Much lighter but I wanted to slap it on for comparison purposes.

OPI Never A Dulles Moment | Washington D.C. Collection Comparisons | Peachy Polish


I had nothing similar to this either. I saw Beauty Geek compare it to OPI A Great Opera-tunity and I don’t know why I didn’t think of that one but I couldn’t find my bottle! Anyway, it seems like the closest but still no dupes!

  • Pointer: OPI Ginger Bells (2 coats) –  much darker
  • Middle: OPI Freedom Of Peach (2 coats)
  • Ring: OPI Is Mai Tai Crooked? (2 coats) – brighter and less brown-toned
  • Pinkie: CND Clay Canyon (3 coats) – more of nude tone and lighter


OPI Freedom Of Peach | Washington D.C. Collection Comparisons | Peachy Polish


I thought I’d be able to find a dupe for Yank My Doodle but not in my stash!

  • Thumb: OPI Ginger Bells (2 coats) – more brown toned
  • Pointer: Sparitual Clay (2 coats) – close but it’s less muted than YMD
  • Middle: OPI Yank My Doodle (2 coats)
  • Ring: Zoya Natalie (3 coats) – in the bottle, this looked like an exact dupe but it’s closer to Clay than YMD and it’s more of a jelly formulation
  • Pinkie: OPI In Familiar Terra-tory (2 coats) – brighter and pinker toned.

OPI Yank My Doodle | Washington D.C. Collection Comparisons | Peachy Polish


This next one had some really close calls. I wouldn’t call them dupes but they are dang close.

  • Pointer: OPI Icebergers & Fries (2 coats) – Very close but it’s a touch darker. A normal person couldn’t tell
  • Middle: OPI Inside The Isabelletway (2 coats)
  • Ring: Zoya Dea (2 coats) – I thought this would be a dupe but nope!  It’s darker and cooler-toned
  • Pinkie: China Glaze Mohagany Magic (2 coats) – This is much yellower in comparison

OPI Inside The Isabelletway | Washington D.C. Collection Comparisons | Peachy Polish


Again, no dupes found for STFLON. I was surprised considering I love olive and army greens!

  • Pointer: China Glaze Don’t Get Derailed (2 coats) – darker and slightly more cool-toned
  • Middle: OPI Suzi – The First Lady Of Nails (2 coats)
  • Ring: OPI Uh Oh! Roll Down The Window! (2 coats) – lighter and warmer
  • Pinkie: Zoya Dree (2 coats) – lighter and more dusky

OPI Suzi - The First Lady Of Nails | Washington D.C. Collection Comparisons | Peachy Polish


At first, in the bottle, I thought that SOTH was a purple toned gray-brown but I was so wrong once I put it on. I decided to compare it to some purples I thought of anyway just for kicks and in case I’m not the only crazy one.

  • Pointer: OPI I Sao Paulo Over There (2 coats) – same purple undertones but more gray than brown
  • Middle: OPI Squeaker Of The House (2 coats)
  • Ring: OPI I’m Feeling Sashy (2 coats) – much more purple
  • Pinkie: Deborah Lippmann Let’s Stay Together (2 coats) – more purple toned and darker

OPI Squeaker Of The House | Washington D.C. Collection Comparisons | Peachy Polish


But here are the real and more likely comparisons for Squeaker Of The House…

  • Pointer: China Glaze Street Chic (2 coats) – slightly cooler toned and less purple undertones
  • Middle: OPI Squeaker Of The House (2 coats)
  • Ring: OPI Over The Taupe (2 coats) – lighter and cooler
  • Pinkie: Rescue Beauty Lounge Gelato Al Cioccolato (2 coats) – even lighter and cooler

OPI Squeaker Of The House | Washington D.C. Collection Comparisons | Peachy Polish

These reddish pinks were all hard to compare and photograph. I was going cross-eyed trying to find dupes. They are all different but in such subtle ways!

  • Pointer: China Glaze Heli-Yum (2 coats) – close but it’s lighter and pinker
  • Middle: OPI Madam President (2 coats)
  • Ring: Deborah Lippmann The Heat Is On (2 coats) –is lighter and looks much more red in comparison
  • Pinkie: OPI Pen & Pink (2 coats) – same tone but a touch lighter and it has a jelly formulation

OPI Madam President | Washington D.C. Collection Comparisons | Peachy Polish


I mean, in reality, we could say all of these grays are dupes because non polish people would never be able to tell the difference  … they are extremely similar!

  • Pointer: China Glaze Out Like A Light (2 coats) – darker
  • Middle: “Liv” In The Moment (2 coats)
  • Ring: OPI Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok Fine! (2 coats) – very very close but maybe a touch darker and slight green undertone
  • Pinkie: Deborah Lippmann Stormy Weather (2 coats) – I’m going to say these are dupes.  If you wanted to get really technically it’s maybe lighter but that’s a reach

OPI "Liv" In The Gray | Washington D.C. Collection Comparisons | Peachy Polish


I almost didn’t post this comparison, it’s just so hard to tell in photos, they all look equally as dark but I promise you,  they are different.

  • Pointer: OPI Love Is Hot And Coal (2 coats) – I included this one because the base colors are pretty much exact, this just has added shimmer
  • Middle: OPI Shh… It’s Top Secret! (2 coats)
  • Ring: Habit Cosmetics Diabolique (2 coats) – a touch darker and warmer toned
  • Pinkie: Rescue Beauty Lounge Fortissimo (2 coats) – a little lighter and a touch warmer

OPI Shh... It's Top Secret! | Washington D.C. Collection Comparisons | Peachy Polish


I think  20 Candles On My Cake might be very similar but I no longer own it. :(

  • Pointer: OPI Just Be Claus (2 coats) – more purple, more cool-toned
  • Middle: OPI OPI By Popular Vote (2 coats)
  • Ring: LVX Cameo (2 coats) – darker and more red
  • Pinkie: KBShimmer Such A Vlad-Ass (2 coats) – darker and more red

OPI OPI By Popular Vote | Washington D.C. Collection Comparisons | Peachy Polish


Another one with no dupe in site. WeTF got such a dusky undertone and almost a pink tinge to it that made it hard to match.

  • Pointer: OPI Thank Glogg It’s Friday! (2 coats) – bases are similar which is why I wanted to show it but obviously this one has tons of shimmer
  • Middle: OPI We The Female (2 coats)
  • Ring: OPI Skyfall (2 coats) – this is the closest but it’s more brown-toned
  • Pinkie: Deborah Lippmann Jessa (3 coats) – this one is redder toned and warmer

OPI We The Female | Washington D.C. Collection Comparisons | Peachy Polish


Kerry Blossom was very close to quite a few polishes and I actually found a dupe I think!

  • Thumb 1: Pretty Serious Cosmetics Gloomy Kitty (2 coats) – dupe city man!  I found a true blue dupe I think! Even more so in person!
  • Thumb 2: OPI Get Cherried Away (2 coats) – warmer and more red-toned in comparison
  • Pointer: OPI In The Cable Car-pool Lane (2 coats) – warmer and redder toned
  • Middle: OPI Kerry Blossom (2 coats)
  • Ring: Pahlish Gingerbread Baker (2 coats) – this one is maybe a touch cooler toned but it’s hard to tell
  • Pinkie: Zoya Toni (2 coats) – close but it has a slight dusky tone and more redness

OPI Kerry Blossom | Washington D.C. Collection Comparisons | Peachy Polish


SOTL is so unique, it wasn’t quite like anything I had. Not a total green but also not teal. It’s in a class all its own.

  • Thumb: China Glaze Take A Hike (2 coats) – darker and duskier
  • Pointer: Illamasqua Kink (2 coats) – more green toned
  • Middle: OPI Stay Off The Lawn!! (2 coats)
  • Ring: Cirque Colors Tavern On The Teal (2 coats) – more blue toned
  • Pinkie: Powder Perfect Robin Hood (2 coats) – more green toned and brighter

OPI Stay Off The Lawn!! | Washington D.C. Collection Comparisons | Peachy Polish


Last up, CIA! These ones are all so similar as well. I think I could have worn this as a mani and people would be none the wiser that it was 4 different polishes! Still, not 100% dupes but dang close.

  • Pointer: CND Couture Covet (2 coats) – this is the closest one (although they are all close), it’s maybe slightly more blue toned
  • Middle: OPI CIA = Color Is Awesome (2 coats)
  • Ring: Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal (2 coats) – this one is a shade darker
  • Pinkie: OPI Ski Teal We Drop (2 coats) – slightly more blue toned

OPI CIA = Color Is Awesome| Washington D.C. Collection Comparisons | Peachy Polish


I hope this helped you with your selections. Like I said in yesterday’s post, this OPI collection is amazing and I’m still sticking to that even after finding a couple dupes here!

For more comparisons, check out Beauty Geeks!

Have a fab weekend!

  • Rozae

    Thank you for the dupe swatches, I had my eye on “Yank my Doddle” but also had “Ginger Bells”, same me money and get “CIA” instead.

  • Amber

    I kind of thought “Liv in the Gray” looked like Zoya “Genevieve” only without “Genevieve”‘s shimmer. And maybe “Dulles Moment” is kind of close to Zoya “Darcy” or Lippmann “Walking on Sunshine”?

  • Adry Vg

    Awesome post! Valesha, your comparison posts are really good! And your swatches are perfect!

  • Karlie

    I just have to say that your blog and IG are AMAZING! Somehow I *just* stumbled across you in an OPI Infinite Shine google frenzy…. seriously, you do amazing work. THANK YOU!!!!

  • Samantha M Bradley

    They all look neat. Although I think Stay Off the Lawn and Amazon … Amazoff look similar enough for comparison?

    On a side note, Yank My Doodle sounds all kinds of wrong… ;)

  • Sarah Duplessis

    Awesome swatch comparisons! Loved the RBLs….missing them as posts like this show how ahead of their time those polishes were!!

  • thank you so much for this post! extremely useful.

  • Jade Hawke

    wow, great post! Thanks!

  • Jennifer Neal

    Wow, what a great post! Thanks for doing all this comparison work for us – I love it!

  • Alys Persson

    OPI’s polish names are just so ridiculous. And this is an awesome comparison!

  • Stacy Plowman-Pennock

    Oh my gosh, this must have taken FOREVER!!! Thanks for all the hard work you put in to do these posts for us! :D

  • ❤️

  • Lara Leaf

    Your swatches are fantastic! Thank you so much for doing these comparisons. I am always surprised at how few true dupes there are – just looking at them in bottle, I always think I have ‘similar’ ones!

  • Latoya ONeall

    Thank you for this!!! I hardly have any similar ones to the ones coming out. My wallet is going to be hurting though lol.

  • Sharon Parayos Merritt

    You are the best!! These comparisons are incredibly helpful and they must take a lot of work – thank you SO much!!

  • I love the shades of this collection! Thanks of doing comparisons, I really like seeing similar shades together :)

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