Peachy Polish’s Epic Indie Giveaway! { CLOSED }

Posted on May 23, 2013

Hello all of my lovely readers!  A couple of weeks ago, I reached 10,000 Instagram followers and I wanted to celebrate in a big, BIG way!  So I’m holding a giveaway!  The prizes are pretty epic if I do say so myself!

Before I get to the giveaway, I wanted to post the answers for the riddles that were posted the other day!  If you didn’t get your guesses in already, I’m sorry to say that you are out of luck.  But keep your eyes peeled for something similar sometime in the future.  I will post it on Facebook and Instagram, like I always do.  :)  For those of you who made guesses, here are the answers!



ANSWER:  KBShimmer.  Splattered, Pastel and Mess refer to 3 polishes from the brand, “Oh Splat!”, “Pastel Me More” & “A Dot Mess.”  High Land refers to the location of the business, Terre Haute, IN.  Terre Haute is French for “High Land.”


ANSWER:  CrowsToes.  This is one of the easier ones.  Birds of a feather, refers to the fact that crows mate for life.  5 per limb refers to 5 toes on each foot (on humans) & 10 per trunk refers to 10 toes per body.  (Trunk is a synonym for body.)


ANSWER:  Laquerlicious.  The word “bully” refers to Michelle’s (the creator of Laquerlicious) love and dedication to Pit Bulls.  Laquer is spelled how it is in “Laquer”licious.

Tease4ANSWER:  Wicked Polish.  “A Terrible Affliction” refers to the first collection called “Pestilence.”  “A Devilish Notion” refers to the second collection “Wicked Whimsy” and “An Outrageous Expedition” refers to the third collection, “What Happens In Vegas.”


ANSWER:  Messy Jessi Lacquer.  “Get down & dirty” is referring the word “Messy” in the name.  “Emerge all shiny & new” refers to the fact that the brand is brand new to the indie world!


ANSWER:  Dollish Polish.  Each name is the name of a popular doll from the 20th Century!

Tease7ANSWER:  White Owl Lacquer.  White Owls are often thought of as scary but many believe that the appearance of a White Owl is good luck!

Tease8ANSWER:  Happy Hands Nail Polish.  Your hands can communicate by using sign language but they don’t verbally say words (for obvious reasons.) :)

Tease9ANSWER:  GlitterDaze.  A synonym for “Daze” is “Mesmerize.”  And as we all know, glitter is sparkly.

Teaser10ANSWER:  Lumina Lacquer.  Each word is an example of Lumina (which is plural for Lumen.)  Lumen is the central cavity of a tubular or other hollow structure in an organism or cell.  Lumina is also a “unit of luminous flux equal to the light emitted in a unit solid angle by a uniform point source of one candle intensity.”  Which I’m sure is what is meant by the Brand’s name but a riddle for that was beyond me!  LOL!

Tease11ANSWER:  HARE polish.  Another one that is probably pretty easy.  This was a cute story I remember from when I was a kid. :)


ANSWER:  Shimmer Polish.  Each polish made by Shimmer is named after and inspired by a Friend or Family member of the creator.

How many did you get right!?  If you are wondering what this has to do with the giveaway, let me tell you now…



Peachy Polish's Epic Indie Giveaway

I figured no better day to start the giveaway than my birthday!  There are 3 prize packs in this giveaway.  Each contains 12 polishes!  When the giveaway has ended and the winners are announced, the first person to email me will get their first choice out of the 3 prize packs.  The second person to email will get the second pick and the third will get the last prize pack that remains.  Check out these prize packs!

The Pink Prize Pack


  1. Shimmer Polish – Giveaway
  2. Wicked Polish – Peachy (A custom made just for this giveaway!  Only 2 in existence!  Swatches will be posted by me in the coming week.)
  3. CrowsToes – Heartless
  4. GlitterDaze – B.A.M.F.
  5. Dollish Polish – Expecto Patronum
  6. Happy Hands Nail Polish – Beach Keen
  7. KBShimmer – Oh Splat!
  8. Lumina Lacquer – Camouflage
  9. CrowsToes – Heart Shaped Box of Horse Shit!
  10. Laquerlicious – Cobalt Twist
  11. Messy Jessi Lacquers – Pacific Mulberry (unreleased polish!)
  12. HARE polish – Rococo Grandeur

The Aqua Prize Pack


  1. Shimmer Polish – Josephine
  2. Wicked Polish – Hung Over The Rainbow
  3. Messy Jessi Lacquer – Speckled (Limited Edition!  No longer in production!)
  4. Laquerlicious – Princess Jemma Bleue
  5. Shimmer Polish – Giveaway
  6. HARE polish – Own Your Opulence
  7. KBShimmer – Pastel Me More!
  8. Laquerlicious – Key Lime
  9. GlitterDaze – Reloaded
  10. CrowsToes – Love Stinks
  11. White Owl Lacquer – Kittens & Teacups
  12. Lumina Lacquer – 1000 Julys

The Lime Prize Pack


  1. Dollish Polish – It’s So Fluffy, I’m Gonna Die!
  2. CrowsToes – Um No… He Went To The Pawn Shop
  3. White Owl Lacquer – Never Let Me Go
  4. Shimmer Polish – Giveaway
  5. HARE polish – Let Them Eat… What?
  6. Wicked Polish – Expired Pixie Dust
  7. Shimmer Polish – Peachy (A custom polish made exclusively for this giveaway!  Only 2 in existent!  Swatches to come this week.)
  8. Happy Hands Nail Polish – Tropical Storm
  9. KBShimmer – A Dot Mess
  10. GlitterDaze – The Power of Three
  11. Laquerlicious – River Bottom
  12. Candy Lacquer – Sweet Hearts

A special thanks to

  • CrowsToes
  • Dollish Polish
  • GlitterDaze
  • Happy Hands Nail Polish
  • HARE polish
  • KBShimmer
  • Laquerlicious
  • Lumina Lacquer
  • Messy Jessi Lacquers
  • Shimmer Polish,
  • White Owl Lacquer
  • Wicked Polish

They all very generously donated polishes for this giveaway!  All are such amazing brands and I’m so honored to have them as part of this giveaway!


  • Open to U.S. Residents ONLY
  • Must be 18 or older to win.
  • Winners must email me within 48 hours at [email protected]  If the winner does not contact me within that time frame, another winner will be chosen.  I will be posting the names of the winners here on the blog, on Facebook, on Instagram & on Twitter.
  • Only enter in points for the riddles if you guessed the riddle correctly.

There are lots of ways to earn entries for the giveaway!  Good luck to everyone and thank you, from the bottom of my heart for being a part of my crazy, nail polish filled world and following along.  I do appreciate each and every one of you!  KISSES!

 (GIVEAWAY ENDS SATURDAY JUNE 1ST, 2013 AT 12:00AM PST.  Winners will be announced by 8:00PM PST.)


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