Serum No. 5: Day Glow

The final installment of my Serum No. 5 swatches is just one little polish, that makes a big bang!

“Day Glow” is a lemony yellow glow in the dark polish.  It has a great formula!  Especially for it being a pale yellow.  Many times pale yellow polishes are brush stroke-y and difficult but this was a breeze to apply!  It was a bit on the thick side but it didn’t hinder application for me in the least.  I think using 3 thin coats is the best way to apply this gem.  It dries to a matte finish, so I used topcoat for this photo.

Serum No. 5 Day Glow

Now, prepare yourselves for the ultimate in the glow in the dark nail polishes!  This is seriously, THEE most bright glow in the dark polish I have ever experienced.  It glowed in low light, so once I had my hands in a completely dark place, it was like green fire!  So fierce!

Serum No. 5 Day Glow In The Dark

If you like glow in the dark polishes, this is a no-brainer.  Seriously intense glow and it’s even pretty when it’s not glowing!  You can purchase this and other Serum No. 5 polishes on their etsy site and  Don’t forget to follow Serum No. 5 on Facebook and Instagram (@serumno5) to stay up to date on shop news!


These products were provided to me for review.

  • Deborah

    Wow, that is some nice glow action!