Spring 2015 Nail Art!

Posted on Apr 22, 2015

Hi guys!  Finally a short break in swatches to show you some nail art looks.  These have been sitting on ice since the end of Winter and I’m happy to finally be able to share them with you.

First up, my first floral print nails!  I did little blue posies for this look using China Glaze “Wanderlust” as the base, Zoya “Rocky” and “Lillian” and Sally Hansen “Ivory Skull” for the tiny spring buds.  For my first try, I’m pretty pleased!

Pocket Full Of Posies Floral Print | Peachy Polish

This is a simple free-hand French tip I did using Zoya “Blu” as the base and Essie “Blue Rhapsody” for the French tip.

Blue Metallic French Tip | Peachy Polish

I then used a stamping plate (but I can’t remember which one!) and did a stamping overlay on top using Essie “Blue Rhapsody” again.

Blue Metallic Funky French & Stamping | Peachy Polish

For this next look, I’d been dreaming of this color combination for a while so I decided to try a dry marble!  I used Zoya “Blu” for the base, then used China Glaze “Thistle Do Nicely” and “Glass Is Lime Greener” and Zoya “Blu” for the swirl of colors.  I took a little bit of plastic bag and laid it on top of the blobs of color and lightly spun it around the nail to create the effect.

Neon Dry Marble | Peachy Polish

This one is one of my favorite watermarbles I have ever done.  I used Essie “Bikini So Teeny”, Butter London “Molly-Coddled”, Milani “Power Periwinkle” and Nicole by OPI “I Shop Mintage”.  How perfect for Spring, right?!

Cotton Candy Watermarble | Peachy Polish

Now a bold watermarble because bold is always in.  I used China Glaze “Wait N’ Sea”, Nicole by OPI “Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary” and OPI “Girls Love Ponies”.

Bold Spring Watermarble | Peachy Polish

Here is another bold watermarble that is a little bit peacock-y!  I used OPI “Girls Love Ponies”, China Glaze “My Way Or The Highway” & “Starboard”.

Peacock Watermarble | Peachy Polish

This next watermarble is the epitome of Spring.  Pastel and cutesy and probably even perfect for Easter next year!  I used OPI “I Just Can’t Cope-acabana” and “Mermaid Tears”, Nicole by OPI “Carnival Cotton Candy”, Color Club “Look, Don’t Tusk” and Girly Bits “Elephant Shoe”

Pastel Spring Watermarble | Peachy Polish

Next up a sherbet inspired watercolor look!  This makes me want a big ol’ cone filled with rainbow sherbet immediately!  And to sit by the beach.  :)  I diluted NCLA “Don’t Call Me Peachy!”, China Glaze “Sun Upon My Skin”, OPI “Pink Friday” & “Taupe-less Beach” and KBShimmer “Honeydew List” to create the watercolor look.  I used KBShimmer “Eyes White Open” as the base.

Sherbet Watercolor | Peachy Polish

Another mani that is reminiscent of ice cream is this creamsicle watermarble.  Mmmm… looks yummy enough to snack on.  I used OPI “Pink Friday”, Sally Hansen “Ivory Skull” & NCLA “Don’t Call Me Peachy!”

Creamsicle Watermarble | Peachy Polish

Next is a remake of an old mani I did.  It was actually one of the first watermarbles I’d ever done… and it was terrifying.  At the time, I was new into polish.  I owned about 20 bottles of polish.  I’d never heard of the word “clean-up” and yet, I thought it was rad.  See, we all have to start somewhere.

Old Watermarble Nail Art | Peachy Polish

I used the same exact polishes that I did for the original watermarble; OPI “Funky Dunkey”, “Suzi Says Feng Shui”, “Who The Shrek Are You?” & “I’m In-dia Mood for Love”.

Bright Watermarble Remake | Peachy Polish

Lastly is a very fitting mani for Spring using some of KBShimmer’s holographic nail polishes from the Spring Collection to create yet another watermarble.  Linear holo watermarble?  YES PLEASE!  I used “Ins And Sprouts”, “Thistle Be The Day” & “Blue-d Lines”

KBShimmer Holographic Watermarble | Peachy Polish KBShimmer Holographic Watermarble | Peachy Polish

Thanks for reading you guys!  I hope you enjoyed these looks as much as I enjoyed creating them!  What mani is your favorite?  Are you going to recreate any?  I’d love to hear all about it!

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