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Posted on Jun 25, 2015

Hi guys!  So you know how my camera has been broken?  Well I finally got my new one and it’s awesome!  I went on vacation and tried it out and it’s amazing.  Well, I went to start swatching on Monday night to have some posts prepared for the week and I went to open a bottle of polish that had cracked (I noticed it was leaking but it looked like it was leaking from the lid, not from a crack in the bottle) and the bottle shattered in my hands.  RED polish went everywhere and I got a big cut on the underside of my finger on my left hand.  It won’t affect swatches but I didn’t feel like swatching and getting acetone in my fresh cut.  OUCH!  I put off the swatching until this coming weekend.  So today, you get a really random post!  These are just random swatches I’ve been hoarding in my queue for a while now.  Some are from as long as a year and a half ago, some are more recent.  Some are indies, some are mainstream.  Some are old, some are new.  It’s a smörgåsbord of swatches, if you will.  Enjoy!

Cupcake Polish “Chicago” is a beautiful lilac linear holo.  I told a sweet nail polish friend of mine that I didn’t own anything (at the time) from Cupcake Polish and she was such a sweet dear and sent me this bottle!  Thank you lovely Emily!  I’ll definitely be getting some more of these pretties in the future!  I’m glad to say I own a large handful now!  2 coats.

Cupcake Polish Chicago | Peachy Polish Cupcake Polish Chicago | Peachy Polish

Elevation Polish “Kilimanjaro” has copper, gold and silver round glitters and sparse shimmer in a clear base.  Love this polish!  The round glitter and the color combination is awesome!  I did one dabbed coat over OPI “A Grape Affair.”

Elevation Polish Kilimanjaro | Peachy Polish Elevation Polish Kilimanjaro | Peachy Polish

Elevation Polish “Kosciuszko” has neon pink glitter with gold shimmer in a clear base.  Love that the neon glitter in here is nice and opaque and not sheer like more polishes with neon glitter have!  Love it!  One dabbed coat over OPI “You’re So Vain-illa.”

Elevation Polish Kosciuszko | Peachy Polish Elevation Polish Kosciuszko | Peachy Polish

OPI “Skull & Glossbones” is a pale gray creme.  Very chic and lovely.  2 coats.

OPI Skull & Glossbones | Peachy Polish

Lime Crime “Milky Ways” is a creamy off-white creme.  Great formula here, especially for a white-ish polish.  You could get away with 2 coats but I did 3 here.

Lime Crime Milky Ways | Peachy Polish

OPI “Sapphire In The Snow” is a deep blue-toned purple creme.  One of my ultimate lemmings back in the day and when I saw my sister had it in her stash, I begged her to give it to me… and she did!  I was so happy.  Luckily, OPI has released a lot of vampy purples in the past couple of years so if you can’t get your hands on this HTF beauty, you may be able to find one that is very similar!  This is 2 coats.

OPI Sapphire In The Snow | Peachy Polish

Nfu Oh! “JS12” is a pinky toned purple jelly.  I love these Nfu Oh! jellies and I always wonder why I don’t wear them more.  Great formula.  2 coats.

Nfu Oh JS12 | Peachy Polish

Rescue Beauty Lounge “Teal” is a perfectly teal creme.  This shade is so gorgeous.  It’s one I’ve wanted for a while.  I was excited to find it via a fellow polish lover who was gracious enough to sell it to me since it’s not available for purchase anymore.  Perfection in 2 coats.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal | Peachy Polish

Butter London “Jaffa” is a muted orange crelly with slight pinky undertones that borders on being a coral.  This has such a squishy, shiny finish.  Gorgeous.  The formula is perfection.  2 coats.

Butter London Jaffa | Peachy Polish

OPI “What’s With The Cattitude?” is a pale milky blue crelly.  This polish is so worth it’s hype.  It’s amazing.  So squishy, pretty nice formula that builds up wonderfully in 3 coats.

OPI What's With The Cattitude? | Peachy Polish

Butter London “Queen Vic” is a really reddened purple creme.  Delicious and perfect in 2 coats.

Butter London Queen Vic | Peachy Polish

Essie “The More The Merrier” is a lime green creme with strong yellow undertones.  Excellent formula, not even the least bit streaky.  It has a bit of retro feel.  2 coats.

Essie The More The Merrier | Peachy Polish

Island Girl “Aloha Heat” is a beautiful bright mint green with a subtle gold and green shimmer.  Not the best formula ever but the shade is so pretty.  I did 3 coats with a light hand and it evened out ok.

Island Girl Aloha Heat | Peachy Polish

Finger Paints “Margritte’s Masterpiece” is a beautiful lush cobalt blue that dries with a satin finish.  Just a gorgeous blue in a classic must-have shade.  I love it.  2 coats.

Finger Paints Margritte's Masterpiece | Peachy Polish

Hope you enjoyed the post!  Hopefully I’ve inspired you to try some of your older, neglected lacquers!

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