Peachy Polish Presents “The Best of 2013″! Nominations { CLOSED }

Hi beautiful people!  I have been dreaming about this post for a year now and I am so excited to finally do this!

Peachy Polish Presents The Best Of 2013 Awards

I want to hear from you guys!  What were your favorites in 2013?  This is just Round 1 of the whole thing.  After the nominations we will then have the semi-finals where I will compile the top picks for each category and you will be able to vote on the semi-finalists.  Then, as we make our way into the new year, (if applicable) the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners will be announced!

I am so excited for this, I can’t even tell you!

And just for taking the time to fill out the form, which is quite long (although all questions are optional) I’m also hosting a little


Just to thank you all for participating!  This giveaway is open internationally.  Everyone who responds to at least 10 of the questions in the form will automatically be entered into a drawing.  It’s that easy!

The prize for filling in at least 10 of the questions will be a

$25 Gift Certificate to Harlow & Co.!

So let’s get started shall we?  You can either click the image above to go to the form or fill it out after the jump!


  • Tanya Payne

    I want to amend my nomination for best gray, I originally said KBShimmer Turbulence, but I want to vote for Pahlish El Topo Petit instead. Both are gorgeous, but I think the Pahlish has my heart.

    • Valesha

      I can change it for you! :)

  • Eva-Stiina

    This was awesome! Only problem I had that I cannot category salon, market, drug store or high-something brands, I could only answer some of them because of the example answers given… To me they’re all just ‘brands’, and then there’s a bunch of cheap stuff of some unknown brands that can be sold here in Finland in some markets, but I didn’t include them into my answer – not that they would have been the best in any category… :D
    Also I had difficulties thinking of any new brands in polishes in 2013, are there any? Should I be familiar with those? If, Valesha, you get the inspiration to do this again next year, maybe you could introduce a few new and upcoming polish brands and then ask what would be the most interesting of those?! ;)
    But altogether, brilliant idea to do this – can’t wait to get to see the winner later on!! :)

  • Jbh Jbh

    Wow, it’s so hard to make a choice :)

  • Виктория Артамонова

    Where does Picture Polish go? :) is it mainstream salon or indie?
    And could you please name some drugstore brands – maybe I know them, I just don’t know they go to ‘drugstore’ group – in my country we don’t have polishes in drugstores )) Revlon, Sally Hanssen – are these drugstore or mainstream?

    • deerstop

      “Drugstore brands” are just cheap polishes. Revlon and Sally Hansen are drugstore indeed.

      • Виктория Артамонова


    • Jbh Jbh

      Essence is a “drugstore” brand :)
      Picture Polish is an Indie (independant) brand

      • Виктория Артамонова

        Thank you!