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Whats Up Nails: Nail Vinyls and Stencils & Pure Color Brush Review

Posted on Dec 30, 2015

Hello again!  I’m back today with a review of some nail art products from Whats Up Nails.  You may remember me raving about this nail art supply store a couple of weeks ago when I reviewed some MoYou London stamping plates that they carry in their shop.  They carry more than just stamping plates though; they also have a wide variety of nail vinyls, nail stencils and nail art brushes, just to name a few.  And that’s what I’m sharing with you today!

Whats Up Nails Nail Art Supplies | Peachy Polish

I’ll start by showing you the looks I created and give you an overview of the stencils at the end.

Products used:

Whats Up Nails X-Pattern Stencil | Peachy Polish

Products used:

Whats Up Nails Moroccan Stencil | Peachy Polish

Products used:

Whats Up Nails Star Stencil | Peachy Polish

Products used:

Whats Up Nails Single Chevron Stencil | Peachy Polish

Overview: If you’re wondering why you’ve rarely seen nail vinyls on my blog, it’s because I suck at them.  These looks actually turned out pretty well considering my ineptitude but man, I was so frustrated.  The stars in particular were troublesome for me and I ended up touching it up and filling it in a little with nail polish after the vinyl was removed.  I blame the issues entirely on myself and not on the vinyls and stencils whatsoever.  They were wonderful quality with very crisp, clean lines and images.  They have a wide selection of shapes and patterns and I think if you are someone who is more skilled with nail vinyls than I, you will really love them.

I think my issue is personal and stems from the fact that my nails are ridge-laden and therefore the vinyls don’t lay totally flat against my nail.  This tends to allow the polish to bleed under the vinyl when it’s painted over.  Maybe some of you seasoned professionals have some tips for me.  In the meantime, I’ll be using these for accent nails on occasion and leave the professional stuff up to you!

Whats Up Nails Nail Stencils | Peachy Polish

Next up, brushes!  I tried the Pure Color Glamor Pink #2, Pure Color Glamor Pink #4 and the Pure Color Glamor #4 (gold handle.)


I’m always looking for my perfect cleanup brush and I’m so picky about it that I’ve relied on my trusty paint brush from Michael’s that I’ve had for years and can’t find a replacement for.  My main goal was to try these three brushes out as cleanup brushes but they weren’t to my liking for that use.  As I said, I’m picky and on top of that, I have what I call “embedded” nails, meaning the skin around the edges of my nail bed is raised up quite a bit therefore making my nail look like it’s going under the skin on the sides.  Because of this, I need a brush that is short bristled but stiff and that is thin enough to go into the tricky area under/beside my skin.  While these brushes are thin enough to get right up to the hidden edge of my nail and of great quality, the bristles just weren’t stiff enough for me.  But, that being said, they are most excellent for nail art and cleaning up larger areas of my skin!  I keep them right by my side when I’m doing nail art and reach for them often.

Whats Up Nails Pure Color Brushes | Peachy Polish

Each brush comes in a sleek metal handle and cap with a tapered tip that is open at the top to allow for the brush to air dry without getting damaged.  The opposite ends of the brushes have a pointy tip that could double as a fine dotting tool.  It seems like it would be perfect for that.  They feel nice in the hand and are ergonomically pleasing.  I’ve dipped them in acetone many times since I’ve had them and it hasn’t affected the bristles or glue that holds the bristles in the slightest.

Pure Color Glamor Pink #2 Brush:

Whats Up Nails Pure Color Glamour Pink 2 Brush | Peachy Polish

Pure Color Glamor Pink #4 Brush:

Whats Up Nails Pure Color Glamour Pink 4 Brush | Peachy Polish

Pure Color Glamor #4 Brush (gold handle):

Whats Up Nails Pure Color Glamour 4 Brush | Peachy Polish

As I’ve said before, I’m hooked on Whats Up Nails, I will be going back for more brushes for sure and if I ever get the hang of the nail vinyls I’ll be going back for those as well!

All the products here can be purchased on Whats Up Nails’ website! Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook and Instagram where they post tons of nail art ideas using items that they sell and information about their shop!

Provided For Review
  • I agree that vinyls an be really difficult (I always seem to struggle with the things that are supposed to be easy!!), but these manicures turned out sweet. I especially love the stars!

  • Nice review! Your manis came out really great, I like What’s Up Nails vinyls, they work great for me. I think other ladies covered the advice so now it’s just practice ;)

  • Such a great review! While I love the quality of these vinyls I do share your annoyance of them not sticking down fully. It does help to clip the top part of the vinyl so it has some more room to stick down.

  • I feel your pain on the vinyl troubles – I got a tip to sponge the polish on rather than paint it and found that works much better. Except then you need liquid latex and a sponge and a really opaque polish, so it’s still not a favourite nail art method of mine.

    That said, everything you did looks stunning – I particularly love the pastel morrocan look!

  • If you hadn’t mentioned that you had trouble with the vinyls, we’d never have know, your manis look flawless! Amazing job V :) I need to try full bed stencils soon, just haven’t pulled the trigger yet haha.

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