My Top 25 Favorite Polishes Of 2015

Posted on Dec 28, 2015

Some Of These Provided For Review

*NOTE: this is separate from my  Best of 2015 event which is entirely reader driven.  I have chosen these as my personal favorites.*

Can you believe that in just a few days it will be 2016?  I know it’s so cliché to say it but time passes by so fast!  It feels like 2015 just started.  As we wrap up ’15, I’m sharing with you my top 25 favorite polishes from 2015.

This was incredibly hard.  I made a secret Pinterest board and added my favorites to it… I started out with upwards of 100 polishes.  What can I say, I don’t discriminate against nails polish and I love almost every one that comes to my door!  So to help me narrow it down to a mere 25, I really had to evaluate why they were my favorites and be choosy about it.  So take a look at what made the top 25 and find out why I picked it.  In no particular order:

Top 25 Polishes Of 2015 | Peachy Polish

1. KBShimmer “Alloy Matey!”

Why It Made The Top 25:  I’ve used “Alloy Matey!” on no less than 5 occasions.  In a collection of almost *cough4000cough* polishes, it’s easy to forget about some hidden little gems in my stash.  This one however was always on my mind and used in many nails of the day and nail art looks, like this one and this one.

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KBShimmer Alloy Matey! | Summer 2015 Collection | Peachy Polish

2. Shleee Polish “Amas Veritas”

Why It Made The Top 25: Not only was “Amas Veritas” from a collection I collaborated on, it was also better than I ever pictured it.  I’ve learned from collaborating with brands, it’s not always easy to convey your ideas via email and then have it come out how you’d imagined.  This however, as well as the whole collection, was picture perfect and exactly what I’d imagined (and I’d been dreaming about the collection for years!)  This beauty will always remain a magical favorite for me.

Buy Shleee Polish Here! This polish is no longer available. :(

Shleee Polish Amas Veritas | Practical Magic Collection | Peachy Polish

3. Hare Polish “Another Scorcher. Cool.”

Why It Made The Top 25: First of all, it’s bubblegum pink with black glitter which gives me a bit of nostalgia circa 2004.  On top of that, you add the unexpected cyan glitter and gold flakes and I can hardly contain my excitement.  Not to mention, HARE always gives us the most perfectly formulated polishes.  There was no doubting this top pick, this polish has been on my mind since I tried it in October.

Buy It Here! (Shop is currently closed)

HARE polish "Another Scorcher." "Cool." | Never Ending Summer Collection | Peachy Polish

4. Glam Polish “Bad Hair Day”

Why It Made The Top 25: “Bad Hair Day” has a stunning blue base that would make any lover of blue polish weak in the knees.  Add to that, the fact that is has holographic microglitter in silver and shades of blue and my blue microglitter-loving heart was all aflutter from the first brushstroke. This beauty was created for Alopecia Awareness Month and the proceeds for the sale of the polish went to benefit the Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation Inc.  A polish with a cause that is also beautiful definitely makes the top of my list.

Buy It Here!

Glam Polish Bad Hair Day | Alopecia Awareness | Peachy Polish

5. KBShimmer “Bahama Drama”

Why It Made The Top 25: KBShimmer’s creme polishes are absolutely divine.  This gorgeous neon shade with the most fabulous formula was a no-brainer for my top 25 list.  All of the other cremes in this collection were amazing as well but this one makes it to the top because of it’s amazing color, that is especially perfect on the toes during sandal season.

Buy It Here!

KBShimmer Bahama Drama | Summer 2015 Collection | Peachy Polish

6. Cupcake Polish “Berry Good Looking”

Why It Made The Top 25: I only swatched this beautiful color a couple of weeks ago but I think it might be my favorite polish of the entire year.  There are certain polishes that when you apply them, they make you ooh and aah and maybe even squeal a little bit (no? Just me? Ok.) This was one of those.  I honestly wanted to stop swatching after I applied it because I did not want to take it off.  I’m serious, if you don’t own this, you are missing out.

Buy It Here!

Cupcake Polish Berry Good Looking | Peachy Polish

7. China Glaze “Boho Blues”

Why It Made The Top 25: China Glaze’s Road Trip Collection was one of my favorites of the year. It was chock-full of beautiful Springy shades.  It was incredibly hard to narrow down which was my favorite in the collection but I had to go with the one I reached for the most, “Boho Blues“.  This perfectly formulated periwinkle blue is just the kind of polish I want to wear in Spring (and all year round, for that matter.)

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China Glaze Boho Blues | Spring 2015 Road Trip Collection | Peachy Polish

8. KBShimmer “Carpe Denim”

Why It Made The Top 25: This is another polish (yet again from KBShimmer) that I wore in real life on multiple occasions.  I’m still always looking for reasons to wear this beautiful night sky in a bottle.  The squishy jelly base with the sparkling glitters gleaming from underneath is just mind-blowingly beautiful.

Buy It Here!

KBShimmer Carpe Denim | Fall 2015 Collection | Peachy Polish

9. Nine Zero Lacquer “Cranberry Sauced”

Why It Made The Top 25: I’ve said it before, I’m very cautious about new-to-me brands.  There are some brands that have their shiz together and just pull out amazing polishes from day one, others, not so much.  Nine Zero Lacquer is part of the former group.  From the first polish I ever tried from them, I was sold.  “Cranberry Sauced” might have actually sold me on the brand before I even swatched anything.  The minute I laid my eyes on the bottle, I was hooked on this beauty.  Sparkling microglitter in a squishy red jelly base that is somehow opaque in 2 – 3 coats.  Totally my kind of polish.

Buy It Here!

Nine Zero Lacquer Cranberry Sauced | Thanksgiving Trio | Peachy Polish

10. CND “Creekside”

Why It Made The Top 25: Another stunning polish that has made it’s way into many of my 2015 manicures is CND “Creekside“.  With blues this pale, you usually end up with a streaky, chalky mess.  Not the case here!  I was blown away by how perfect the formula and application is.  This is now one of my most used polishes and definitely my most used pale blue!

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CND VINYLUX Creekside | Spring 2015 Flora & Fauna Collection | Peachy Polish

11. OPI “Gelato On My Mind”

Why It Made The Top 25: OPI hit the nail on the head with “Gelato On My Mind“.  It’s a unique (to OPI) color and its effortless formula made this one a total win in my book and one I just couldn’t seem to forget about!

Buy It Here!

OPI Gelato On My Mind | Fall 2015 Venice Collection | Peachy Polish

12. Cirque Colors “Hustle”

Why It Made The Top 25: I believe this was the first polish I pinned to my board when I was trying to figure out my top favorites.  It was the first polish that came to mind.  I have a soft spot for chartreuse shades but the formulas can be a bit finicky because of their strong yellow undertones.  That is not the case with Cirque’s “Hustle“.  It’s the perfect chartreuse shade with a formula to match.

Buy It Here!

Cirque Colors Hustle | Metropolis Collection | Peachy Polish

13. Colors By Llarowe “If You Dare”

Why It Made The Top 25: I love dark pink polishes but they always seem to take a backseat to my love for blues and purples.  This one however is one that will stick in my mind for months to come.  When I swatched “If You Dare” a couple of months ago, I was in awe.  This beauty is vibrant and sparkly and like I mentioned in my original post, it reminds me of the magenta glass ornaments we put on our tree as a kid so this feels a little special too.

Buy It Here!

Colors By Llarowe If You Dare | Winter 2015 Collection | Peachy Polish

14. CrowsToes “Ingrounded”

Why It Made The Top 25: If it’s not already apparent, I have a thing for blues. “Ingrounded” is an under-the-radar sparkler and it’s just what my heart desires.  It’s like they took some crystal clear sea water and bottled it up..  ‘Nuff said. ♥

Buy It Here!

CrowsToes Ingrounded | Summer 2015 Nitty Gritty Collection | Peachy Polish

15. HARE polish “Is It Over Yet?”

Why It Made The Top 25: “Is It Over Yet?” is another polish from HARE’s Never Ending Summer Trio.  The third polish in this collection, “Permanently Poolside” was THISCLOSE to making into the top 25 as well.  Needless to say, they are all winners.  “Is It Over Yet?” has this lovely icy mint base paired with subtle pink and white glitter and royal blue flakies that just put the adorable factor over the top.

Buy It Here! (Shop is currently closed)

HARE polish Is It Over Yet? | Never Ending Summer Collection | Peachy Polish

16. Pahlish “Laughter Of The Stars”

Why It Made The Top 25: Pahlish is a brand that’s newer to my blog (although I don’t know why) but it’s not even close to being new to the indie game.  I remember it was one of the first brands I bought when I got into indies.  Their polishes have always amazed me but it seemed like I never got to appreciate their full beauty until this year.  The Little Prince Inspired collection had me enchanted from the first second I laid eyes on it so it’s no wonder this breathtaking seafoam holo called “Laughter Of The Stars” made it to the top 25.  If I’m being honest, this whole post could have been colors from Pahlish, I was in awe of all the ones I had the honor of trying.  I look forward to seeing what they come up with in 2016.

Buy Pahlish Here! This polish is no longer available. :(

Pahlish Laughter Of The Stars | Matters Of Consequence Collection | Peachy Polish

17. KBShimmer “Chilly Pepper” and OPI “Love Is In My Cards”

Why It Made The Top 25:  Ok ok, so I’m cheating a bit but here’s why; “Chilly Pepper” and “Love Is In My Cards” are gorgeous reds and I absolutely love a good red creme.  “Love Is In My Cards” almost trumped “Chilly Pepper” because OPI does an amazing red cremes (and they do it often!) but LIIMC is from the Starlight Collection which was basically a bust in my opinion with only a few standout colors.  I was so disappointed in the collection that I really wanted to give credit to KBS’s “Chilly Pepper” because not only is it their first true red creme, it’s an amazing one and it’s part of an amazing collection full of gorgeous shades.  So CP gets a 1-up over LIIMC but they are both gorgeous reds.

Buy Chilly Pepper Here & Love Is In My Cards Here!

KBShimmer Chilly Pepper | Winter 2015 Collection | Peachy PolishOPI Love Is In My Cards | 2015 Starlight Collection | Peachy Polish

18. Femme Fatale Cosmetics “Mirror Mirror On The Wall…”

Why It Made The Top 25: “Mirror Mirror On The Wall...” needs no explanation as to why it made it to the top 25.  Holo glitter, pink shimmer, seafoam base.  HONESTLY, do you need more info than that?!  FFC really whipped it out this year and created some stunningly gorgeous polishes but this one was without a doubt the fairest of them all.  *badum tssss*

Buy It Here! (Shop is currently closed)

Femme Fatale Cosmetics Mirror Mirror On The Wall... | Peachy Polish

19. Cirque Colors “Nympho”

Why It Made The Top 25: The shockingly bright “Nympho” made it to the top because it’s another polish I wore on several occasions.  Not only that, my sister loved it so much she wore mine too and I ended up buying her a bottle to keep!  It’s the perfect Summer neon and it packs a huge punch.

Buy Cirque Colors Here! This polish is no longer available. :(

Cirque Colors Nympho | Summer 2015 Vice Collection | Peachy Polish

20. Pahlish “Radiation Of The Sands”

Why It Made The Top 25: Aahhhh mustard.  Another nail polish shade that has my heart.  Have I mentioned I also have a thing for ugly-pretty colors?  Although, in my opinion “Radiation Of The Sands” from Pahlish is nowhere near the realm of ugly.  It’s a cheerful, sunny mustard shade with golden flakies.  It just makes you happy to look at it!  This one is definitely tops.

Buy Pahlish Here! This polish is no longer available. :(

Pahlish Radiation Of The Sands | Matters Of Consequence Collection | Peachy Polish

21. HARE polish “Sea Bunny”

Why It Made The Top 25: The inspiration for this polish isn’t the only reason it made it to the top 25… the result is beautiful as all get out!  “Sea Bunny” was inspired by the cutest little sea slugs you ever did see and has a white crelly base with black, gunmetal and gold speckles and holo shimmer to boot.  Polishes like this are the reason I love HARE polish so much.  They get inspiration from the most unique places and you get to wear the gorgeous results on your nails.

Buy It Here! (Shop is currently closed)

HARE polish Sea Bunny | Peachy Polish

22. Different Dimension “Toyland”

Why It Made The Top 25: One of my true loves is a gorgeous glitter-bomb.  “Toyland” from Different Dimension is the epitome of that.  Holo gold glitter, holo red glitter and holo green glitter not only makes this the most exquisite glitter-bomb but the most exquisite Christmas polish as well.  Hey, DD, I’ll take a million more polishes like this, KTHXBAI!  :)

Buy It Here!

Different Dimension Toyland | Babes In Toyland Collection | Peachy Polish

23. Polish My Life “Vail”

Why It Made The Top 25: Neutrals don’t get the love from me that they deserve which is why when there is a great one, I need to give credit where credit is due.  Polish My Life’s “Vail” is the most lovely neutral creme ever.  A creamy formula and undertones that are neither too pink or too yellow make this polish the perfect neutral for people of all skin tones.

Buy It Here!

Polish My Life Vail | Classic Cremes Collection Winter Edition | Peachy Polish

24. Lynnderella “Wintergreen Blue”

Why It Made The Top 25: So technically this was released at the tail-end of 2014 but I didn’t get my hands on it until early 2015 so I’m grouping it here.  Also, IT IS MY FAVORITE LYNNDERELLA OF ALL TIME!  You know I do Lynnderella Mondays every Monday and I have a lot of them.  There are SO MANY fabulous Lynnderellas that I could do a post about just my top 25 (or more!) Lynnderellas but the top of the top is “Wintergreen Blue”.  It’s teal, it’s got microglitter, it’s sparkly.  3 of my favorite things.  No picture has ever done this polish justice.  Which is why you need to see it in person and also why it’s one of the harder to find Lynnderellas… nobody wants to give up their bottle… I know I don’t!

Buy Lynnderella Here! This polish is no longer available. :(

Lynnderella Wintergreen Blue | Peachy Polish

25. Chaos & Crocodiles “Wishing Star Sky”

Why It Made The Top 25: Last but certainly not least, a glorious polish from Chaos & Crocodiles.  I hemmed and I hawed over which C&C I wanted to include.  It was incredibly hard because I love them all.  C&C has this way of creating the cutest polishes ever with the cutest names and the cutest little touches (ahem, a collection inspired by narwhals with narwhals on the bottom of the label!)  But alas, I decided on the beauty that is “Wishing Star Sky” from their Once Upon A Unicorn Collection. This unique *unicorn* of a polish has this blurpley, periwinkley base that is so hard to put your finger on.  One minute it’s purple, the next it’s the blue, the next it’s both!  It’s so difficult to label but so beautiful to wear.

Buy It Here! (Shop is currently closed)

Chaos & Crocodiles Wishing Star Sky | Once Upon A Unicorn Collection | Peachy Polish

And there you have it.  The short version of my favorites list.  Trust me when I say, I had about every brand, every color, every finish on my list before I narrowed it down.  I am so thankful to have all of my pretty colors to paint with and I want to thank all of you makers for your hard work and dedication.  You make the days a little brighter just by creating these pretty paints for us polish addicts to play with.

Some Of These Provided For Review

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